Digimon Seekers: Chapter 1-2

While we wait for Sunday’s chapter, I’ve decided to revise the Seekers story to fix some of the story’s awkwardness. I will keep the story the same but will try to make it sound nicer. This isn’t my story, so please make sure you check out the original. Let me know if this is something worth continuing. Make sure you start at chapter 1-1

Tokyo University of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a world leader in research and innovation. The school started as a government-funded program in an effort to promote the advancement of science and technology for the benefit of society. Despite being a newer institution, the universe has earned prestige through its advanced research in technology. Its reputation has made it a popular candidate for prospective students who strive to enter the field.

The campus is also home to the world-renowned Abadin Electronics Corp (AE). AE leads the industry in electronic terminals, network equipment, and fabless semiconductors. The site is also where you find the Abadin Electronics Lab (DDL), a world-famous research and development lab.

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

Eiji walks into the DDL to find a bare room with only a desk and a small metal bench. There are no visible logos or markings to suggest the building was connected to AE in any way except for a large display mounted on the wall. The display loops peaceful videos of nature to serene music, occasionally ending in one of AE’s promotional videos.

“Abadin Electronics Corp, discovering the impossible” the video trails off. The line makes Eiji smirk as he continues to make his way toward the front desk. The cute girl behind the desk watches Eiji with slight suspicion. She is shorter than Eiji, with thick short hair tucked at the color. She is dressed plainly.

“This is a research facility, if you are looking for the school, it’s out those doors and to the left.”

Eiji is dressed in his usual casual attire and looked out of place amongst the well-dressed professionals that walked around him. Eiji doesn’t have a high school diploma and feels out of place surrounded by well-educated professionals.

Eiji smiles “Hi there. I have an appointment. Do you want me to sign in?”

The receptionist studies Eiji for a moment before handing him a tablet. A camera stares down at Eiji as he picks up the tablet and begins to fill out the form. The receptionist looks confused and slightly annoyed by the information appearing on her screen. “Your name is Fang?” she asks in disbelief.

“It’s an alias. I use it for work”

” Are you in streamer?”


Fang is Eiji’s code name. Most code crackers use them on the job. It was to keep anonymity in a field that wasn’t always on the legal side of the law.

“Please use your real name” the receptionist replies.

Eiji updates his information on the tablet before setting it down. “Is that all you need from me…” Eiji reads over her nameplate “Hatsune?”

Hatsune turns to her computer and begins typing away. “Don’t be so casual with me”

“Sure thing…Hatsune”

Hatsune’s temples give an involuntary twitch “If you are here on company business I need your company’s name”

“I don’t have a company yet” Hatsune doesn’t seem to appreciate the response “I’m sort of a freelancer. I’m here to see…oh what’s his department” Eiji’s voice trails off as he pulls out his phone and begins scrolling through his messages “What a drag..”

Eiji clicks on the contact: Tomonori Ryusenji, professor. Eiji sends a text “I’m here” as he walks over to take a seat. A few other people wait with Eiji. They have all gotten their guest passes and look like proper college students in formal dress.

Eiji begins to scroll through his phone as the serene lobby music continues playing.

“Fang!” a voice calls from the other side of the security gate.

Eiji turns to see Professor Ryunsenji waving at him. The professor was a chiseled man with graying hair. He must be in his sixties, but he looks younger. Everyone in the lobby is surprised by the professor’s sudden appearance.

“Hello Professor” Eiji says as he walks over to greet him.

Professor Ryunsenji is one of the founders of Abadin Electronics. He still owns more than 20% of the company shares and is worth around $100 billion, making the professor one of the world’s richest people. Professor Ryunsenji’s work has been instrumental in making Aberdin Electronics a world-class company since its inception some 20 years ago.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Fang, but it feels like we’ve known each other well enough already” The professor shakes Eiji’s hand. The two had been talking over the phone for a while now, but this is the first time meeting in person.

Eiji fires back an untrusting smile “Eiji Nagasumi. It’s a pleasure, finally”

“Well Fang. ER. Eiji let’s get going. Sorry for all the trouble” He stops “Were you able to get your guest pass?” the professor looks over to Eiji. Before Eiji has a chance to answer, the professor continues, “I’ll get you one” as he walks over to the desk.

Hatsune is confused by the request as she looks over Eiji before beginning the request.

“Oh and I’m going to D4, Eiji here is my guest”

“Excuse me, sir?” Hatsune asks in surprise.

“The board gave their approval this morning”

“Oh right, understood,” Hatsune replies as she taps at the terminal. Eiji receives his pass, and the pair walk through security.

The guards look at Eiji and nod as they walk through the metal detector. Eiji feels like a real professional as the pass hangs comfortably down his chest. They pass by employees and researchers who warmly greet the pair. Eiji does his best to keep up as he returns smiles and greetings. Eiji couldn’t help but enjoy the attention. It made him feel important.

“Why do they call you Professor instead of President or Chairman?” Eiji asks.

“Because Professor describes me best” Ryunsenji enjoyed research more than he enjoyed running a company. He had already left management to his formal subordinates so he could focus on his projects. “Before we go to the office, there is something I would like you to see. Follow me.”

Eiji agrees as he becomes filled with curiosity. They take an elevator to the next floor and cross another guarded gate. A large metal plate on top of the gate “D4”. It is a strange-looking building that seems to exist on its own.

“This is our secret department. It is where we keep our most important work” The Professor explains.

After a rigorous search, Eiji is forced to leave his phone and personal belongings at the gate. Eiji enters the room nervously and asks “What is it?”

The Professor smiles “It’s an experience”

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