So I got a Vital Bracelet BE

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Bandai has come out with the web novel Digimon Seekers to sell their latest fitness toy, the Vital Bracelet BE. I’ve written my first impressions of the project in a previous post and am currently revising the story to fix some of the awkward translations. Because of how invested I am in this series now, I broke down and bought one for myself. I’d like to say that I got the watch to have hands-on experience to help me with my writing, but honestly, the advertising probably got me first. 

The Vital Bracelet is a fitness tracker that lets you carry your favorite Digimon wherever you go. You train your Digimon by being active and completing exercises. If you want to buy a Vital Bracelet, I think the best place to start is with the Vital Bracelet VV. It sells for a decent price and comes with one of the newer dims. The only difference between the VV and BE version is that the VV is themed after the Ghost Game anime. The BE is functionally the same but has no Dim included. The BE come are available in black and white. I believe the idea was to have the BE available for those who needed the upgrade but already had Dims to play with.  

「Strong! Strong! Strong!」

I got the Vital Bracelet Be because I wanted it sooner. I went with the Angoramon Jellymon dims because they were cheap. Keep in mind these older dims won’t have as good stats as those from the BE dims, but they are nice for collecting. I am rocking Jellymon at the moment because she reminds me of Splatoon.  

Out of the box you get the Vital Bracelet BE, a micros usb cable, and instructions manual. The manual is in Japanese only, but someone translated the instructions online. The watch looks like a Fitbit, but the straps do feel a bit flimsy. I found the fit to be perfect despite my thick arms. There are longer straps available if you need them, but I can’t speak about the quality of those. You can also find replacements on eBay.

As a fitness tracker, it’s good enough. Keep in mind that it isn’t as accurate as a Fitbit. I assume you aren’t buying this for fitness tracking but rather for the game included. I will be wearing this in addition to my smartwatch because I need the tracking, but I understand I will be looking like a crazy person. There are methods of carrying the device without having to use it as a watch, but I wanted to test it as intended for a bit.   

I haven’t had the watch long enough to try out the app yet, but I do intend to do so as soon as possible. I understand the Digimon I have at the moment won’t be competitive, and it’s fine. I’ve only had the watch for a day, and I like it. I will return with an update once I’ve had it a bit longer. If you like Digimon vpets and want a fitness tracker without all the extra features, it might be worth looking into.  


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