Digimon Seekers: Chapter 1-10

While we wait for Sunday’s chapter, I’ve decided to revise the Seekers story to fix some of the story’s awkwardness. I will keep the story the same but will try to make it sound nicer. This isn’t my story, so please make sure you check out the original chapter. Let me know if this is something worth continuing. Make sure you start at chapter 1-1

Eiji loses his senses as the room melts away into darkness. He no longer has control of his limbs as the darkness consumes him. Eiji loses consciousness and wakes up in a world full of bright colors. The colors spin around him as he falls quickly into the unknown.

Suddenly, a memory from his childhood flashes before him.

Its summer. The day he and his family spent by the river. He remembers how refreshing the water felt on a hot day, the sound of the river crashing over the rocks, and the games he and his friends played.

“Eiji!” his friend Leon calls to him as he gets out of the water. Eiji turns his attention to Leon, but he’d unknowingly walked in too deep. His foot slips him into the deep part of the river. His feet search but find no ground. He tries to swim, but the force of the river is too strong. He can’t find the surface. The river bubbles around him as his limbs desperately search for air.

Eiji isn’t in the river, but his senses are overwhelmed by the familiar sensation. He tries to calm himself. The bubbles start to settle and quiet. A new world begins to unfold before Eiji. Eiji finds himself overwhelmed by the sudden rush of stimulation.

A bright light. It blinds him, but he can’t close his eyes.

What’s going on here? 

Disoriented. Confused. Anxious.

Eiji tries to piece it together but can’t understand what he sees. His eyes continue to adjust, but he can’t seem to focus. Everything is a blur of color and light, zooming and changing as he attempts to make sense of it. His ears fill with a strange static buzzing in his ear, and the air fills with a putrid animal smell.

Is this a bad dream?

But it’s not a bad dream…

Over the static, Eiji can hear a voice speaking clearly to him.

Who…Who is it?


The sound of something being kicked over. Eiji hears someone running towards him.

Eiji’s eyes begin to adjust. He sees a small pink rat Digimon quickly scarring towards him. It clutches a piece of data in its hands as if it were cheese.

“Chuumon, child, beast, virus type,” his heads-up display reads.

Where am I?

Eiji’s eyes continue adjusting. He can see more clearly. He finds himself in an empty dirty room made of concrete. 

Suddenly, another Digimon appears. Another rat, but this one is made of cloth like a puppet.

ChuuChuumon, puppet, child, virus type.​

It rides on the back of metallic poo-shaped Digimon. It carries a tonfa and chases after the pink rat.

Damemon, mutation, adult, virus type.

Eiji is confused by the scene unfolding before him. He is overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing real Digimon but takes the moment to compose himself. This isn’t a theme park he reminds himself.

“How brave of you to try to steal from my family,” Says Damemon in its metallic voice.

“Squeak! Don’t let him do this ChuuChuumon! I beg you! For the love of all rats!” Chumon pleads.

Chuumon stole Chuuchuumon’s food and is trying to escape.

“Not good, not good” Chuumon mutters to itself.

Damemon readies the tonfa for an attack.

“Is that a dog?” ChuuChuumon says suddenly, looking towards Eiji.

Huh, a dog? The Digimon is talking?

Damemon stops its attack. ChuuChuumon continues “I haven’t seen you around here before. The Wall Slum’s Sixth Street is our turf. You better turn tail and run if you know what’s good for you!”

“A rat picking a fight with a wolf? Don’t make me laugh?”

The strange familiar growls in his ear. Out in front! Eiji isn’t in control.

“This is my turf now”

“Do your worst!” ChuuChuumon yells, accepting the challenge. “Damemon! Gun Vulcan!”


Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

The Vulcan gun embedded in the tonfa erupts with fire. Bullets explode into the walls and floor. Chuumon zigzags, desperate to escape.


Eiji is overwhelmed with nausea. A putrid smell fills his nostrils. The bullets Damemon fires aren’t particularly strong, but they release a foul odor, almost like a poisonous gas.

“Hahahaha! That attack must be torture for a dog. Digimon battles are all about exploiting weaknesses!” ChuuChuumon taunts.

“Not good, not good!” Eiji lets out.

“Shall we get rid of this stray Damemon? Finish it off with Boo-st Atta…”

But before ChuuChuumon could finish his sentence, strange energy begins to swirl around Eiji.

What is this feeling?

-Howling Fire!

A fireball erupts from Eiji’s snout and flies toward the enemy ChuuChuumon. Before Damemon has a chance to react, the flame engulfs the pair. The flame eats away at the room around them. 


The force of the impact knocks Damemon off balance.

“Just one shot?! But how?” Chuuchumon rolls out of the Damemon’s cockpit and onto the floor. The flames continue to smolder. ChuuChuumon begins to short-circuit. It stares up as the wolf looms over it. It begins to tremble “Lo…Loogamon?”

Loogamon? Eiji asks himself as he looks down at the cowering ChuuChuumon.

“So you’ve returned to the Wall Slums?” 

ChuuChuumon’s tone suddenly becomes more respectful.

Eiji is at a loss.

“You’re looking good..”

Loogamon turns away for a moment. ChuuChuumon attempts to make its escape.

Eiji regains his composure. “Loogamon? Can you hear me? Loogamon!”


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