Game Review: Havendock

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I was sent Havendock as a review code. I am very grateful for the opportunity, but this will be my honest review.

If you are looking for a fun village builder to add to your collection or need a good place to start with the genre, get Havendock. The game has great graphics, catchy music, and an addicting gameplay loop. 

You wake up alone and stranded in the middle of the ocean without a single memory. To survive, you must build a base from the materials that float by. As you slowly establish your haven, you will attract other survivors who will help you grow your haven. The trick to this game is efficiency. You must juggle between building, resource management, exploration, and research.

Do not let the game’s cuteness deceive you. You will become overwhelmed by your sloppiness, but that’s part of the process. I recommend that you go in blind on your first playthrough to get the truest Havendock experience. Once you get to the point where you get stuck, look up tips and tricks. If you need more of a challenge, there are settings you can tweak. 

What I like most about this game is how easily it eases players into the mechanics. All players start with a questline that does a fantastic job of teaching players the fundamentals, but it leaves enough room for error to make the game challenging. While I never thought the game was frustratingly difficult, there are enough obstacles to keep it engaging. The game is impossible if you don’t have at least a basic plan on what to research, build, or gather. Havendock will prove a tricky game to master, but it is such a satisfying and enjoyable ride. Even when my village was on the brink of collapse, I found myself humming along with the catchy music, enjoying myself. 

If you are looking for a new game to get into, you should buy Havendock. It is cute, fun, and great for those who’ve never touched a resource management game. The hardest part about this game is choosing when to walk away because there is always something you need to build, research, or work towards. I loved this game, and I think you will too. 

You can buy Havendock on Steam for $16.99. The game is in early access, but it doesn’t feel like it. But if you need further convincing, go try the demo

Images taken from the presskit


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