While we wait for Sunday’s chapter, I’ve decided to revise the Seekers story to fix some of the story’s awkwardness. I will keep the story the same but will try to make it sound nicer. This isn’t my story, so please make sure you check out the original chapter. Let me know if this is something worth continuing. Make sure you start at chapter 1-1

Eiji looks over the ledge and is left breathless by the exotic skyline. The sky fills with a collection of vibrant neon colors as networks and data swim across it, creating brilliant dancing auroras. Large dirty buildings are densely jammed against this small patch of land, surrounded on all sides by an arid emptiness. Some buildings stand tall and greet the world with cracked, dirty, or broken windows, while others have already begun to crumble under the weight of neglect. This might have been a bustling metropolis at some point, but now it sits here as a seemingly abandoned slum.

It takes a moment for the initial shock to fade and for Eiji to regain his composure. “So this is the Digital World,” he remarks, not hiding his amazement. “It’s like something out of Cyberpunk!”

“What does that mean?” Loogamon poses, not understanding the reference.

“I thought the Digital World would be more wild, but this…” Eiji trails off, remembering the images of the Digital World he saw back at the DDL. He remembered forests, mountains, and deserts, but he never imagined there’d be cities with modern buildings.

“It’s called the Wall Slum” Loogamon interrupts, sounding a tinge offended. “It is a city of security walls that protects the Digital World from the flow of junk data. Just outside those walls is where all the junk data collects,” it says as it turns their attention to the northern walls. “If you look carefully, this city sits on a rounded surface.”

Eiji examines the skyline carefully and sees how the horizon separates the sea of networks in the sky from the shelled city below in a clear dividing line.

“Ah….”Eiji explains ” I see it now. It’s like a city built on the inside of an eggshell.”

“if you try to go from the human world to the Digital World, you will be blocked by the security wall”

“Wait…Then how can code crackers control Digimon from the real world? I thought we were connecting to digital world?”

Loogamon chuckles, “It was just the Wall Slum. Those Digimon code crackers grab are just those you see running around the Wall Slum. Most code crackers don’t Mindlink, so they’ll never know the difference.”

Eiji is left speechless by the explanation. Eji thinks about the time his Tyrannomon hunted down the Modoki Betamon. Were they just running around this place? “Has anyone gone beyond the security wall? Has anyone seen the Digital World?”

“No human has ever set foot in the Digital World, at least not beyond the Wall Slums”

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

“Beyond the wall is the “deep” Digital World,” Loogamon continues his explanation.

Everything Eiji thought he knew about the Digital World crumbles as he borrows Loogamon’s vision to see the bottom of the network. Eiji finally understood why the Digital World wasn’t mankind’s secret. Digimon are alive, and Eiji was standing at the tip of their world. Eiji continues to admire the alien landscape.

“Well…” Loogamon says as it begins filling the heads-up display with tabs of information. The virtual monitor appears in front of Eiji’s conscious mind. It looks like something out of Gundam or Iron Man. “Do you remember why we came here Eiji?”

Eiji is stunned by the sudden jolt to reality.

“Right, I forgot you’re a pathetic code cracker,” Loogamon snips as it pulls up a window with the words “Operation Wolf” scrawled across it.

“Right,” Eiji replies, remembering the Sons of Chaos Job. He begins reading over the details.

According to this, I’m supposed to be briefed by a local member of the Sons of Chaos somewhere around here. 

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

Eiji rushes to the designated location. He arrives at what seems to be a deserted rooftop. A cloaked Digimon stares down at the pair from the top of the building’s antenna. The Digimon is roughly the same size as Loogamon, but its identity is hidden by the tattered cloak. Eiji tries to search for the Digimon’s data, but the search yields nothing.

“You’re late…” An annoyed voice comes from the cloaked figure. “Tartaros likes our people to be punctual.”

“We had some trouble. Maybe we can get a pass this time?” Loogamon replies.

“Hey Loogamon?” Eiji interjects.

“What? Oh?!!” Loogamon turns to find Eiji suddenly standing next to it.

Eiji, wearing his usual street clothes, looks down at his palms as he tries to move his arms and legs. “Well look at that!”

“Where did you come from?” Loogamon asks in its confusion.

“I don’t know,” Eiji begins “A lot of the functions in Mindlink work by thinking about them. The Digimon Linker has a hololize function. I thought maybe it would work the same in the Digital World, so I gave it a try and it worked!”

Loogamon is silent for a moment. “I can’t tell if that was impressive or just lucky,” it snarks.

Eiji chuckles as he extends his hands to pet Loogamon’s forehead. The metal brace feels cool to his touch, and the blue fur feels soft.

The wolf tenses as it growls in response.

“Did you just growl at me?”

“Don’t touch my forehead!” Loogamon snaps, bearing its fangs at Eiji.

Eiji quickly retracts his hand. “Sorry, I didn’t know I could touch you.”

In the real world, hololized Digimon were just a projection of data. You can’t actually touch them. But here….

“In case you’re wondering,” Loogamon interrupts “You can’t exist too far from me, so stay close!”

Eiji nods as he turns his attention back to the cloaked Digimon again.

“The name is Fang”

“…I thought it was Eiji?” the Digimon rebukes impatiently.

“No need to focus on the details. So what’s the job? The interviewer said I was supposed to ask you for details.”

“I’m sure the interviewer also told you this would be a test. You’ve already been deducted two points for being late.” A screen suddenly appears above the cloaked Digimon’s head, displaying a rough map of the Wall Slum. The city is shaped like a large circle, divided into districts. At the center is a volcanic crater. Sixth Avenue, Eiji remembers ChuuChuumon mentioned it earlier.

“I need you to survey and map the area painted in this color. As you know, the Wall Slum is undergoing a lot of redevelopment.”

With the constant flow of data from the real world that moves through the city, nothing ever stays the same.

“So you want me to make a map? Simple enough.”

“The Wall Slum is very important to the Sons of Chaos. We like to keep our map data up to date.” The Digimon tosses Eiji a memory card.

Eiji accepts it as a mapping tool that appears on his virtual monitor.

“All you have to do is walk around the area while running the tool and it will do the mapping for you. We want you to investigate Ninth Avenue…”

Loogamon turns before the Digimon finishes its sentence and laughs. “Perfect!”

 Eiji hurries after Loogamon. “…What do you mean?”

“I’ve got some business to attend to.” Loogamon smiles, bearing its fangs as it continues its stride. 

“Do you think we should listen to the rest of the explanation?” Eiji asks, but Loogamon doesn’t answer.

The cloaked Digimon watches the pair hurry off toward Ninth Avenue.

“I wish you well Eiji. I hope for Tartarus’ sake, you pass.”