I was fortunate enough to try out Second Wave at this year’s GDC and loved it. Second Wave is an anime-themed arena shooter coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, IOS, and Android. The team behind was super nice, and the game is a lot of fun. I won’t be repeating too much from my initial coverage, so make sure you go read that if you need to catch up.  

Since then, Challengers Games has released a healthy amount of spoilers and teasers that have kept my excitement for the game alive. If you care about spoilers, you can stop reading here. Otherwise, I have collected everything they’ve been posting and have organized it as best I can. Make sure you follow the publisher on Discord and Twitter to keep up with all the news from this point.

Most importantly, don’t forget to sign up for the Alpha! The playtest will run from May 26 to the 28th for Steam only, so mark your calendars. This game is going to be huge. The character design is great, the skills are unique, and it’s going to be available on everything. Challengers Games is also an official Microsoft partner, so you know this won’t be another lazy cash grab. With the time I spent with Second Wave and what I’ve seen from Spoilers, it’s hard not to be excited. Now is the perfect time to get behind a game with lots of potential. I’ve already signed up for the Alpha and am impatiently waiting for a reply. Go sign up, and I hope I see you in Armantia! 

Shania Olivier

Bernard Bronzestone

Cozette Russel

Amelda Luce

Ess’el Verto

I actually got to try Ess’el when I got to demo the game and had a blast. I wasn’t good, but thankfully the girls I played against also picked her and didn’t know how to use her.

Aegis Tefnut

This might be my main. I love playing the healer/support class in everything I play and switching between light and dark is always a fun mechanic.

Michaela Seraphine Lopez

Merope Sessile

Dio Zahaman

Batu Deidara

Gameplay For Merope, Dio, and Batu!

And The Score Card!

This game is going to be a lot of fun, but I don’t want to speculate more than I already have. Make sure you add it to your Wishlist on Steam, sign up for the Alpha, and join the Discord!