I am finally caught up to the latest chapter of Bandai’s web novel, Digimon Seekers, and I have some opinions about how it is going. I am enjoying the web novel, but it has a few grammatical and formatting issues that I believe will hurt its adoption. I want this project to be successful, so I have taken it upon myself to revise the story to make it more readable. Make sure you read the original chapters first! New chapters of Digimon Seekers come out on Sunday’s 10 am PST. That said, I think it is fair to pump my stock and ask you to read my version after. I will have new chapters on my blog the very next day.

So what do I think of the story so far? I can see the potential, but the story is held back by its awkward translation. There is solid world-building, a likable protagonist, and some solid art, but there are parts that could use a bit more development. That said, it’s fine for a story made for kids to sell toys. 

Digimon Seekers was designed to bring new fans into the Digital World. While there are elements that will appeal to older fans, there are a lot of useful explanations designed to help new fans understand how the Digital World works. As a result, the story can be a little slow, but it is perfect for someone who doesn’t know a thing about Digimon. 

After revisiting the story for my revisions, I noticed some redundancies and plot holes. Whether it was a translation error or poor writing, I did my best to remove as much as possible without changing the story. The characters are fine, but the translation results in awkward dialogue. I also believe that the combat and action could be better developed, but hopefully, this improves the deeper we get into the story.

I like the different factions and how Eiji exists in the middle. I also like the conflict that drives the story. What I enjoy most about this project is how it forces different elements to interact. If you enjoy the story, there is a toy you can buy that forces you to have your own adventure. If you enjoy the game, you can play with people from around the world that share your fandom. Every chapter will have a video to help people visualize the events or get them hyped for what is to come. If you’re an artist, you can submit your fan art and have it featured on the official page. I love looking over the collection and am fascinated by how this story, as simple as it is, can inspire so many people. 

Digimon Seekers has had a solid start. There is room for improvement, but I am looking forward to what is to come. Make sure you read the official version, and maybe check out mine if you have time. Either way, I am here for it!