While we wait for Sunday’s chapter, I’ve decided to revise the Seekers story to fix some of the story’s awkwardness. I will keep the story the same but will try to make it sound nicer. This isn’t my story, so please make sure you check out the original chapter. Let me know if this is something worth continuing. Make sure you start at chapter 1-1

Eiji steps out of the subway and stands hesitantly at the edge of Ninth Avenue. He keeps one foot in the subway tunnel and contemplates abandoning the mission. Eiji looks at the cramped, dirty, sketchy alleys reminiscent of Kolwoon or Showa-Era Kabukicho and can’t help but feel uneasy. He feels small at the bottom of this valley of towering slums. Illegible signs and advertisements clutter the skyline, spilling their sickly vibrant neon against the dirty walls. The air seems thick with danger, and it makes Eiji uneasy.

Eiji takes a deep breath as he takes it all. “Hey Loogamon?” his voice shakes with a bit of worry, “What is this place?”

Loogamon shoots an annoyed glance at Eiji. “Seriously? Are you dumb?”

“Hey be nice, it’s my time in the Digital world. You have to guide me…”Eiji follows close behind as he continues surveying his surroundings. “Wait, aren’t you a king or something?” Loogamon doesn’t respond. “Am I supposed to bow down to you?” Eiji stops to give a joking curtsy “Your Majesty”

“Quit it!” Loogamon growls.

“As you wish your highness,” Eiji laughs.

“This is why your dog didn’t like you. Hurry up and get serious! You have work to do.”

Eiji scrolls through his screen, looking for the mapping tool. “I love you Loogamon!” he sings. Loogamon shakes its head and continues to move through the alley. Eiji launches the mapping tool.

“The guy said we just need to walk around and leave the tool running.”


Nothing made sense in Ninth Avenue. The streets wound into zagging mazes of uneven streets and alleys. Some buildings looked as if they were on the verge of collapsing, while others leaned to a degree that made Eiji uncomfortable. There were signs that dangled loosely from a single rusted bolt. It looked as if the lightest gust of wind could bring them crashing to the ground. There were old dirty wires that hung from walls like dirty dying ivy, and widows blacked out with filth. The streets were littered with bits of dirty shattered glass. They walked over and around mounds of trash.

Eiji checks the map as he walks.

“There are Digimon here, but they are hiding,” Loogamon explains as they move through the seemingly abandoned maze of decay. Eiji shivers as he feels hidden stares over him.

“Ninth Avenue is the worst neighborhood in the Wall Slums. Most newcomers get robbed the moment the step foot on these grounds. Those foolish enough to go deeper don’t make it out,” Loogamon says coldly.

“This place is scary.”

“Come on. We have to make it to the Castle of the Nine Wolves. It’s at the heart of all of this.” Eijie and Loogamon continue their work. Their mapping goes uneventfully. Eiji begins to relax, but a hint of disappointment sneaks into him. There were no Digimon or much of anything despite Loogamon’s insisting.

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

The pair empty into a cul-de-sac. At the head sits an old run-down red building reminiscent of a Chinatown mausoleum.

“That’s the Castle of Nine Wolves? All we have to do is map that and were done? This test is easy!” Eiji exclaims as he walks towards the mausoleum.

Loogamon stops.

“What’s wrong Loogamon?” Eiji stops his advance and looks down at the wolf.

“This…This is my home…Or it used to be” Loogamon explains as he struggles to force a memory.

Eiji looks at Loogamon and then at the red building. “Did you remember something?”

Loogamon shakes its head. “There’s a faint smell. Markings I left behind…It’s me, but not me. It’s something much stronger…” Loogamon’s voice trails off as it takes a big whiff of the air.

“Do you think maybe…” Eiji begins as he examines his surroundings with a new understanding, “do you think it might have been an evolved you?”

Suddenly, Loogamon tenses up. “Somethings coming!”


A booming roar spills from the building, carrying with it a howling wind that forces Eiji to his knees. Loogamon digs his paws into the ground and braces itself.

“Loogamon? What was that?”

A winged monstrosity rushed from the shadows and takes to the sky above the two. Dust, dirt, and trash swirl violently around them. As the wind and dust settle, Eiji begins searching the sky for the source.

“Was that a bird? A Dragon?”

“Neither, look”

Eiji turns to the space Loogamon points to. It was a metallic Digimon with the head of a Dragon and the body of a helicopter. It has two rotors that hold it up above them.

Cargodramon, ultimate, machine, virus type.

Across the side, Eiji can read the word “Police” clearly.

“Crap” Eiji yells, his voice barely louder than the rotors. “It’s the DigiPolice!”

The doors from the hovering Cargodramon open. From it descends a squad of Commandramon.

A screeching siren sounds loudly. Eiji looks at the map and sees it fill with red dots. The DigiPolice were surrounding the castle. Panic starts to creep over Eiji. “They want us to open voice chat on the GriMM channel!?!” he shouts to Loogamon. “What should we de?”

“Open up chat code craker!” commands a voice from the Cargodramon.

“Um, I don’t have the password…” Eiji grows more anxious as the dots continue to close in on his location.

“Don’t play dumb with me. Surrender now. We have you surrounded!”