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I don’t think Scream 6 is necessary because it doesn’t add much to the franchise. Scream 6 feels like it was made for fans of the franchise who have seen and will continue to see every movie in the franchise. If you are a fan, you’ve probably already seen this movie in theaters. If you are thinking of seeing this movie, I would hold off till you can watch it for free and then wait a little more after. 

In the aftermath of the last Ghost Face attack, the survivors struggle to lead normal lives. The trauma still hunts them, and the survivors struggle to adjust properly. Just as they begin to gain a semblance of normalcy in their lives, another Ghost Face rises from the shadows to hunt them once more. Have they learned enough from their experience to survive another mediocre slasher film, or will this prove the end for our heroes? 

Scream 6 isn’t anything special. The acting is fine, but the writing and story aren’t. You will forget you watched this almost immediately because it does nothing to stand out amongst the franchise. This movie doubles down on its nostalgia and meta-commentary to the point where it becomes boring. If you are a fan of the franchise, you will probably appreciate 6 more than I did. I felt lost as it went over events from past movies because I have only seen the first Scream and barely remember the last. Because of the slightly silly tone, this movie doesn’t feel like it has any real stakes. As a result, the tension and suspense don’t really do anything for this movie. I liked that they tried to show how trauma affected the characters and how the events left a darkness within them, but they don’t develop this plot enough because the movie is too busy being meta and nostalgic.

If you’ve seen Scream 5, go watch that instead. Scream 6 isn’t worth watching unless you are invested in the franchise. If you are one of the few who still have a Paramount+ subscription, you can stream it there. Otherwise, I would wait till you can watch it for free elsewhere. I wouldn’t pay to watch this movie, and I definitely wouldn’t rush to see it either.