Scream 6: They Should Have Stopped at 5

If you have been enjoying my content and want to support what I do, please consider buying me a coffee I don't think Scream 6 is necessary because it doesn't add much to the franchise. Scream 6 feels like it was made for fans of the franchise who have seen and will continue to see every movie in the... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Tulsa King (2022)

If you like what I do and want to show your support, please consider buying me a coffee Tulsa King is a cheesy gangster movie that isn't worth the Paramount+ subscription. While the series certainly has its moments, it is a sloppy experience that only a few will enjoy. If you have nothing else to watch... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Honor Society (2022)

Honor Society was a delightful surprise hidden away in the otherwise baron catalog or Paramount plus. It isn't perfect, it plays out a bit like a fairy tale, but it is an entertaining two hours of your life. Honor Society is about Honor's last year in high school. She has great ambitions and plans to achieve every... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Evil

Source Evil is a monster of the week type show that lacks any charm or interest to make it worth even considering it. I don't understand how or why it got a second season because of how slow and pointless the first season is. I could barely find the strength to finish the first season, but... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Star Trek: Prodigy(2021)

Source Star Trek: Prodigy is the modern Star Trek narrative I have been searching for. This animated series follows a group of misfits who find themselves on a stolen federation ship. With The Diviner after them, they must learn to fly the ship and work together as a functioning crew. Will they be able to overcome... Continue Reading →

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