Series Review: Evil

Evil is a monster of the week type show that lacks any charm or interest to make it worth even considering it. I don’t understand how or why it got a second season because of how slow and pointless the first season is. I could barely find the strength to finish the first season, but I lacked the willpower to watch the second. It is a shame because the show has a solid cast, but the story and execution are terrible. Don’t even bother with this show because there isn’t anything redeemable.

The show follows a group of paranormal investigators hired by the church to find out if possessions are caused by demons or something scientific. You have the tech guy who will look at situations logically, the psychiatrist who looks for mental illness, and the priest who will take over if the problem if it really is demons. Most of the episodes end with the party finding a logical explanation, but there is always a demon controlling what they find. It is counterproductive, and it makes a lot of their endless droning pointless and pretentious. There is a lot of explaining in this show, but not enough demon hunting despite there being a world-ending plot against the backdrop.

The best part of this show is the main actors. While they try hard to make whatever this show tries to be work, it is ultimately left lifeless by its story. The show is desperate to be current, linking modern cultural movements like incels and influencers to the devil, but all these explanations are forced nonsense. I never felt the need to become invested in the story because this show is more filler than content. There are moments where they investigate, but you have to sit through pointless backstory that adds nothing to the narrative. I can only hope that the devil destroys the world so I don’t have to keep looking at the ads for this show.

Go watch Supernatural instead. They do this concept better. But if you don’t believe me, you can watch this show on Paramount+.

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