I am not a fan of the direction South Park is heading in. Maybe I am getting old, but the newer content doesn’t have the spark it used to. Granted, a lot of that spark was generated by me being ten watching South Park, but that shouldn’t matter. I have gone back and rewatched the series from the beginning multiple times. While some of the episodes haven’t aged well, there are still a few I can always rely on to make me laugh. This isn’t a bad show, its impact on pop culture is important, but maybe it is time for the series to end.

I didn’t care for any of the new specials released on Paramount+. The shenanigans are a lot tamer, and the jokes are forced and obvious. This whole special is a series of jokes you have already seen as memes. Even if you like the series, I don’t think it does anything special enough to be worth watching.

Streaming Wars 2 is the conclusion to a special that no one asked for. You get an insufferable villain and the kids trying to stop him, a collection of viral videos that have been redone with South Park characters, and a story that isn’t fun to watch. Sure the show makes important social criticism, but it is criticism that has been made better elsewhere. Maybe they are using their platform to speak to the new fans of the show, but I thought it was a waste.

South Park has had a good run, but it is about time it is retired. But those who are interested can watch it on Paramount+.