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I was sent Planet of Lana as a review code. I am very grateful for the opportunity, but I will keep my review honest.

Planet of Lana is a beautiful puzzle game with an incredible story and a fantastic soundtrack available now for PC and Xbox

Aliens have invaded Lana’s planet and have abducted her sister. As the only remaining survivor, Lana must go out and find her sister. Along the way, Lana meets Mui, her cute cat-like companion that will help her on her journey. The pair must now brace an unforgiving landscape, explore the mysteries of the past, and save her people. Can they do it?

I got to play the demo during my time at GDC and loved it. I was very excited when I finally received my copy, and I am happy to report that the title did not disappoint. I love this game! The puzzles are fun and creative, the score is fantastic, and the story is well done. 

The puzzles in this game are challenging enough to keep players engaged, but I never felt they were hard enough to require a guide. The puzzles are designed with enough clues that players should have no trouble getting through them. The puzzles help tell a story that I believe is worth experiencing once.

Planet of Lana tells an incredibly moving story full of adventure, friendship, and danger. It is a breathtaking collection of art and music that come together to create such a wholesome experience. The amount of attention to detail put into this game needs more recognition. I spent way too long trying to piece together all the clues and appreciating the vibrant and lively backdrop. It is remarkable how much this game accomplishes in the space it is given. 

But this game isn’t just pretty, it is also fun. You control Lana and command Mui to solve puzzles. As you get deeper into the story, you find forgotten technology that gives you new ways to interact with the world. The puzzles get creative without losing the chill vibe it mostly carries throughout. This game gets tense when it has to, with moments that will leave most players sweating profusely. 

I love this game and recommend it to anyone looking for a new game. This is a cute, fun, beautiful puzzle experience that anyone can enjoy. If you like games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, this game should already be in your library. But if you need further convincing, try the free demo for PC. The demo gives potential players a fantastic preview of what they have in store. You need to buy this game. 

You can buy Planet of Lana for the Xbox and PC via Steam for $19.99, which is worth it for what you’re getting. You can also play it free with Game Pass.