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If you are in the market for a new quirky tabletop wargame, you should look into BrikWarsBrik Wars aims to give your old brick systems a new purpose with a ruleset that seems like a silly good time. Build and destroy your own battlefield, collect unique armies, gather powerful weapons and items, or go on one of the prewritten adventures. No building instructions are required! All you need are a set of bricks, the core rule book, and some imagination. The combat mechanics seem simple to learn, and there is an interesting build/destruction mechanic that promises a fresh tabletop experience. There are even prewritten adventures you can run through before breaking off and making your own. Players can either use the rules for wargaming or for running a silly TTRPG.


I don’t think this will be anyone’s main wargame or TTRPG, but it does look like something you pull out when you don’t want to get too serious. This also looks like a great way to get kids into tabletop gaming without having to buy too many game pieces, assuming your kid already has a healthy collection of Legos. The art is cute, the rules seem simple enough to teach, it has a very quirky and fun tone, and there seems to be a lot of room to be creative. 

The book is scheduled to ship on September 2023, but you can preorder your core rulebook today. Preorder now to receive a pdf sample of the rule book for testing. The publisher is looking for feedback before the game’s release so that the game releases at its best version, so make sure you share your thoughts on the game. 

You can preorder the book for $50.44. Now seems like a great time to dust off your old Legos or simply buy new ones.