2023 has been an interesting year. I decided to take my game reviews a lot more seriously, and as a result, I got to cover a cool event, meet some interesting people, and play some fun games. Since the year is about halfway over, I think it is the perfect time to make a list of the best games I’ve played so far. This list is based on my opinion and in no specific order. I put a lot of thought into only including the games I believe deserve the most attention. There were some hard choices, but I didn’t want this list to be long.

Fire Emblem Engage

I am not the biggest fan of strategy games, but this one was so much fun. Check out the full review!


If you like tabletop dungeon crawlers, you need this game. You can play solo, with friends, or with strangers. Check out the full review!



This was a fun little ARP with an interesting deck building you don’t want to miss. Check out the full review!

Everspace 2

This was a very unique RPG with an interesting story, but mechanics that are out of this world. Check out the full review!


If you are looking for a new village builder to play, or simply looking to wet your feet with the genre, check out Havendock. Go read the full review!

Super Dungeon Maker

If you like classic RPGs or have always wanted to make your own, this game is in a great place right now. Check out the full review!

Volcano Princess

While this may not be perfect, it was such a unique, memorable, and fun experience that I needed to add to the list. It may not be for everyone, but it is worth looking into. Check out the full review!

Strayed Lights

This was such a beautiful game with a fantastic soundtrack. If you need another souls-like, this should be in your library. Check out the full review!

Planet of Lana

This is a cute puzzle adventure game with a solid story and great music. I know I just reviewed it, but I had to add it to the list. Check out the full review!

To My Readers

I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve gotten this year. I have a lot of ideas and more opportunities for the future, but I wouldn’t have gotten here without you. To all of you who continue to read my work or those of you who just got here, thank you! Writing this blog has been so much fun, and it means so much to me that you take time from your day to read what I have to say.

Make sure you like and subscribe because that helps me out a lot. Most importantly, thank you! I love you all.