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System Shock has gotten a remaster, and it looks sick. The classic FPS has officially come to modern PCs with better graphics, updated controls, a new UI, and some much-needed quality-of-life changes. If you’ve played the original, you aren’t getting the same game you played way back when. The reboot promises never before seen enemies, a revamped hacking system, and new ways to combat enemies, like a brutal dismemberment system. While a few changes have been made, the developers have worked closely with members of the original team to make sure they keep the spirit of the original the same in this reboot. 


As the Hacker, players must fight through armies of mutated creatures controlled by the evil ai, SHODAN. Players will avoid traps, solve puzzles, and hack their way through Citadel Station. What secrets will you uncover on your journey?

I never had the means to play the original System Shock growing up. I played a bit in college and would watch my friends play it here and there, but I never had the opportunity to get deep enough exposure to it. I love that these older games are getting a second chance for new and old audiences, especially those like me who missed the train entirely. I am still working on getting a review code for this, so fingers crossed I get one soon.

System Shock is available on PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games for 39.99. A demo is available on Steam and Epic Games if you want to try it out first. Console editions of System Shock are planned for the future, but no details are available yet.

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