The Digimon Card game has had its resurgence for a couple of years now, and I have since started my humble collection. I love the art and enjoy the gameplay. Sadly, I don’t have the time to play at locals or online, but I love collecting. There are ways to play online if you don’t mind the clunkiness of Tabletop Simulator or the awkwardness of playing through a webcam with strangers on Discord, but I am a little too socially awkward. I can only hope that there is enough of a market for the game that one day, Bandai will release a web client like the big TCGs.

In an effort to give the game more exposure and hopefully convince some folks to join the hobby, I will start making weekly updates on the news related to the game. Please I will be coming at these announcements from the perspective of an enthusiastic collector rather than a competitive player or an investor. This post will also include spoilers for an unreleased set, so if you care about spoilers, stop reading now. And as always, make sure you like and subscribe!

Alternative Being [EX-04] Spoilers

This theme booster is coming out on June 23rd and the art for this set is so good!

I want to start off with Omnimon Alter-S because it looks so cool! Man the art is amazing, and the affects are pretty cool. DNA Digivolution is such a cool mechanic and you get some pretty nice removal and board expansion.


This looks like its going to be a great set to collect if you like the Greymon and Garurumon line. I’d love to add these to my binder!


The local scene hasn’t had too much love, at least in my area. I had a chat with the manager of my LGS and was told that Bandai was spending more resources promoting One Piece. They weren’t getting much prize support, but that might be changing with the new prize support promos that were just announced. I can’t tell you who is getting allocated, but there might be incentive to collect some.

Tamer Party

Tamer party is a special event for the month of June with the goal to encourage new players to the hobby. This is a casual event designed to teach players how to play. There is no winner, but participants will get special four card packs with a chance of hitting a very cool Magnamon. Check with your LGS if they will be participating.

I don’t know about you, but I love the retro vibe for this Magnomon. They other cards you can pull are pretty exciting as well.

I am most excited for Aldamon if I am being honest. I know there is a lot of hate for Frontier, but it is my favorite season of Digimon. The story might not have been the best, but it had an amazing concept and a fantastic opening song. There might be bias because of how impressionable I might have been at that age, but I don’t care. I like what I like.

June 2023 Store Championship

While not the most exciting news, if you have access to decent local scene, might be a good chance to get some unique promos.

June-August Events

There is a lot going on for competitive players. Both the Ultimate Cup and Championship will be going on across the regions with some pretty solid prize support. looks like there will be both online and offline events, so make sure you go sign up for what works best for you.

July-Aug Regional Sign Ups

Ultimate Cup Sign Ups (Looks like its only NA for now)

2023 Championship Promos

Its time to earn your path to the championship. There are some nice promos so make sure you check out what is available to you.

Ultimate Cup

The Gigimon looks so cute!

And for those who care about the meta…

Here are the top 4 decks for the April-May Regionals

North America



Digmon Dreamers

Digimon Dreamers is getting its English release on the Digimonweb. Hopefully it gets a proper translation and not Google Translate like Digimon Seekers.

That’s all I have for now, I haven’t decided on the release schedule for these updates but I will be back next week. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment if the mood strikes. Until next time!