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Like a lot of people, I got into Dungeons and Dragons because I enjoyed watching Critical Role. I’ve since stopped following the show as closely, save for the animated series on Amazon, but have been playing with the same group of randoms I met three years ago. I love D&D, but I am always looking into new systems to try. I like to borrow mechanics from other systems, but mostly, I like to see what’s out there. 

I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Critical Role was changing systems. There has been speculation about the move for a while now. I think the drama with Hasbro getting too greedy had its part in the transition, but I also think they were looking for a new system that allowed them to focus on the narrative. Critical Role 

has been a catalyst for D&D’s recent popularity, and I am curious to see how this move affects the player base. 

Their newest campaign, Candela Obscura, will use the Illuminated Worlds system. I won’t be covering the campaign, but I have read the quick start guide and thought it was worth some attention. For those interested in running a campaign of Candela Obscura, download the quick start guide from the official site.

In Candela Obscura, players will face off against the paranormal as they investigate the macabre and the mysterious. While there are many opportunities for combat, the system’s focus is building a compelling narrative through its checks and player interactions.

The best way to learn about this game is through the quick start guide. It has easy-to-learn mechanics, a prewritten adventure, and pregenerated character sheets to get you started. Best of all, you can play it for free. Do note that you are getting a simplified version of the RPG, but it is enough to get you a taste of the system. I think it is a neat system to try. I particularly like how it handles checks and the flavor of its world. The guide is free, so you have nothing to lose if you try it today.

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