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Numemon, champion, mollusk, virus type.

Numemon lands with a loud thud, kicking up dust around it. The large slug was the size of a small truck. On its head, a rotating police light shines splashes of red and blue light around the Digimon. It turns its attention to Logamon and Eiji who stand meters away, ready for a fight.

Satsuki smiles as she suddenly appears on Numemon’s back. Her hologram shimmers in the same translucent blue Eiji does. “You’ve done it now code cracker. You and forehead don’t stand a chance against my Numemon!”

“Don’t call me Forehead!” Loogamon snarls. Its fur stands angrily down its back.

Eiji watches as the Cargodramon hovers over them, the blinding white light of the spotlight washing over them. Eiji can make out its cannons still fixed on Loogamon. Eiji watches as the Commandramon continue to move into position around them. He feels the muzzles of countless guns pointing in their direction. And Eiji watches the curious pair in charge of it all. Eiji tries to calm himself with a breath, but his heart continues to race.

Satsuki lifts the watch to her mouth and lets out a devilish smile. “All units, on my command…”

“My name is Eiji Nagasumi” he blurts desperately “What’s your name?” His voice shakes as he waits for an answer. 

“Not that it matters, but I am deputy squad leader Satsuki Tamahime of the Metropolitan Police, Cybercrime division and..”

“That’s a pretty name. What kanji do you use for your name, Stasuki?”

Satsuki thinks for a moment. “It’s ‘tama’ from shogi, ‘hime’ from princess, and… stop trying to distract me! I know you’re an ‘A’ level code cracker…”


Eiji smiles as he cuts her off again. “You hear that Loogamon. I’m an elite-level code cracker! Satsuki approved.” Satsuki becomes more annoyed with each interruption. Eiji can’t help but enjoy messing with the officer. 

“Your days living a normal life are over Eiji Nagasumi..”

“Call me Fang”

“You have been placed on the departments blacklist. There is nowhere you can hide Nagasumi. Come quietly or things are going to get… icky” she lets out a giggle.

“Nume!” the slug cries out as if on command. Eiji can see the slug clearly now. Its shiny skin shines under the flashing lights as slime sweats down its body.

“You got this Loogamon,” Eiji says unconvincingly, trying to reassure his partner.

“I hate slimy foods!” Loogamon growls as it begins to tense up a reaction.


Numemon rapidly fires bullets of poo toward the pair. Eiji and Loogamon jump to dodge the fire, narrowly missing the attack. Satsuki laughs loudly.

“What a disgusting attack,” Loogamon snaps as it lands. “Fitting for a trash Digimon and its loudmouth companion.”

Eiji had been looking himself over for traces of poo. “Um Loogamon?” he begins as a bead of sweat makes its way down his forehead, “she can hear you”

But it was too late. Satsuki stops laughing. Her expression becomes stern. “You Mangy mutt! Don’t talk about Numemon like that!” Numemon launches a large blast of sewage toward Loogamon. Loogamon swiftly jumps out of the way as the sewage explodes against the wall behind it. The explosion catches Eiji, covering him in a disgusting sludge.


Loogamon smirks at the site. “You’re lucky it was only a richochet”

Unfortunately, being Mindlinked made the sensation too real. Eiji could smell the foul stench as it stuck to his skin and feel the gross slimy warmth as it settled around him. Eiji retches as he tries to regain his composure.

Numemon and Satsuki burst out laughing. Eiji struggles to find the will to fight. Eiji can hear the snickers of the Commandramon far off in the shadows. Even the Cargodramon lets out an involuntary snicker as it continues to hover.

Eiji tries to wipe away the gunk, but the act only seems to smear deeper into his skin. “Hey, Satsuki?” Eiji says as he scrapes a clump of poo from his hair, “Why’d you pick Numemon?”

Satsuki thinks for a moment before cuddling against the Numemon. “Because it’s so cute! It’s slimy, shiny, and it’s got a ferocity that I find…Fascinating.” The Numemon smiles as it nuzzles against Satsuki. Suddenly, she sits up straight and turns to Eiji. “Hey, Eiji?” She says in a serious tone. 

“Yeah?” Eiji replies, scraping off another chunk of poo from his arm, and dropping it to the ground.

“I’m bored now. I’m done with this”

“Dammit!” Loogamon snaps “Eiji, end the hologram!”

Eiji freezes for a moment, unsure what to do. He ends the hologram and Eiji and Loogamon become one. 

Eiji finds himself suspended in an empty virtual space, surrounded by monitors. At the center, Eiji has a clear view of the battlefield through Loogamon’s eyes. The surrounding screens were filled with stats, menus, and programs. 

“Commandramon! Fire!” Satsuki commands gleefully.


The Commandramon start tossing bombs towards the space Loogamon stood. Before the bombs get a chance to explore, Loogamon is in the air above an unsuspecting group of Commandramon.

“Howling Fire!”

A wall of fire rains down over the Commandramon, leaving them blackened and unconscious.

Satsuki and Numemon are unphased by the sudden burst of flames.

“Let’s see how you handle my flame!” Loogamon roars as he lets out a burst of flame towards the advancing slug. The flames engulf the pair, but the fire has no effect. The attack doesn’t break the slug’s stride as it slowly closes the gap between them. 

Eiji watches the battlefield helplessly from his void. Numemon was a Champion-level Digimon. Even if it is just a slug, the difference in power level is clear. Loogamon needed to be stronger to stand a chance. But what could he do from in here?

“Calm down Eiji!” Loogamon’s voice comes from within Eiji’s head.

Eiji tries to calm himself. “If we don’t give it our all, we’re toast”

There is a brief silence before Loogamon answers, “Ever since we arrived in the Wall Slum, I’ve been feeling this strange surge of power growing within me. I can feel it about to overflow, and I think it’s because of you. Can you feel it too?”

Eiji tries to calm himself further as he tries to concentrate. At first, he is hit with the overwhelming senses of the world around him. His nose fills with the burnt scent of gunpowder mixed with the foul order of sewage. He can hear the sound of the rotors slicing through the air and the sound of the remaining Comandramon moving their injured comrades. And he can feel the stinging pain of the bullet wounds on Loogamon’s flesh. Beneath all of this, Eiji feels a strange sensation. A power shared between the too ready to overflow.

Loogarmon, champion, dark beast, virus type.

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo