While the story for Digimon Seekers isn’t bad, the mechanical translation is. In an effort to save the story, I have taken it upon myself to try to fix the story’s awkwardness. The spirit of the story will remain the same, but it will hopefully read a lot better. Make sure you always read the original, but I do hope you enjoy my version as well. I’ll be releasing my version the Monday after the official release. If you enjoy this project, make sure you like, subscribe, and share it where you can. Make sure you start at chapter 1-1!

Loogarmon stands on top of the crimson mausoleum. Its bloodthirsty gaze scanned over the fumbling DigiPolice. Flames lick from the sides of its iron muzzle. The ruby gem on its forehead glows with the light of the magical flame burning around it. Loogarmon sniffs the air as its claws stretch and dig into the red brick below. A sly smirk forms under its mask.

“No fair” Satsuki hisses as her expression sours at the site of the massive wolf. “This Digimon wasn’t…”

Her voice trails off as Loogarmon’s booming laugh echoes over the cul-de-sac. Flames crackle from the gaps in his maw. “I am the Demon Wolf, and this is my castle. Bow to me, or burn!” Its command carries comfortably over the domain.

Eiji watches from the void inside Loogarmon, admiring his partner’s new stage. Eiji can feel the sudden burst of strength and power as if it were his own. As the shock of this new power passes, Eiji begins to look over the data populating the screens around him. “Hey, Loogamon..I mean Loogarmon. Does this mean you got your memory back?” Eiji asks into the void. There is no response. Instead, Loogarmon’s gaze continues fixed on the wretched Numemon.

Satsuki stands frozen as she stares back at the massive wolf above her. She grinds her teeth in frustration. “This wasn’t supposed to happen…” she mutters to herself.

An intense flame starts to bleed from the gaps in Loogarmon’s muzzle. A smile forms, licking up loose embers into the air.

-Howling Burn!

Before anyone can react, Loogarmon shoots a ray of fire at Numemon. This time, its mucus does little to quell the flame. Numemon wriggles as it burns alive. Its squeals are muffled by the Satsuki’s piercing screams. “NOOOO!” She screams as she rushes toward the Numemon. “Not my poor Numemon!” The heat from the flame stops her from getting close enough to help. The flame grows as it burns. Angry tears fall from her eyes as she turns her glare to Loogarmon.

“Numemon is heavily damaged. A retreat has been ordered. Recover the wounded!” A panicked voice crackles over the radio.

The DigiPolice scramble at the command immediately. The Corgodramon swoops down to pick up the burning Numemon. Its rotors extinguish the flames. A squad Commandromon carry the unconscious Numemon aboard before the Corgodramon takes off in a swift retreat.

Inside the Cargodramon, Satsuki tends to the unconscious Numemon. She grits her teeth as she gently cleans her chared partner.

“How dare they do this to my Numemon.” Anger floods over her as she recalls images of Loogarmon and Eiji.

“Captain, you’re exceeding the safety thresholds. You must deactivate the Mindlink!”

“No!” she snaps, not breaking away from her work.


“Look at what they did to my Numemon! That insolent Code Cracker and his dumb dog!”She slams her fists on a nearby table. “Next time I’ll make them pay…”

Cargodramon continues its accent unmolested. Satsuki walks over to a nearby window and watches the Wall Slim’s Ninth Avenue shrink below them. “I’ll get you for this Eiji Nagasumi. Just you wait…”

Loogarmon stands on top of the roof of the red mausoleum as the Cargodramon flies away. Eiji appears next to it, and they watch it disappear into the sea of networks.

Eiji turns to his partner and stares in admiration. It was the first time he lays eyes on Loogarmon. Standing over him like a giant Rhino, the wolf smirks. Its eyes lost in the sky.

“I finally remember something after Digivolving,” Loogarmon says, finally breaking the silence. “I used to be the boss of Ninth Avenue.”

“Yeah I heard. The Demon Wolf of Ninth Avenue. Impressive” Eiji remarks sincerely.

Loogarmon turns to Eiji. “But there is still a lot I don’t remember. I mean, I must have lost my position at some point..right?”

Eiji thinks for a moment. “Maybe you just have to keep evolving. If its slowly coming to you, maybe you just need to get stronger.”
Eiji is at a loss. He only knows about Amnesia from what he’s seen in movies.

“Maybe you’re right” Loogarmon looks pensively over the empty cul-de-sac. “I’ll get it all back” He says finally. “My power, memories, everything!” His voice trails off.

A sudden rustling sound comes from somewhere in the shadows. A Digimon emerges slowly from a nearby alley. Other Digimon start pouring from the surrounding streets and begin filling the plaza below.

“What’s going on?” Eiji asks as the plaza begins to fill with unfamiliar Digimon. Eiji begins to feel defensive, but Loogarmon calmy overlooks the Digimon that gather below.


The crowd begins to cheer and chant. Their voices fill the dormant castle, bringing it to life.

Loogarmon! Loogarmon! Loogarmon!

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

The gathered Digimon celebrate the return of their king. Away from the crowd, on top of a building overlooking Ninth Avenue, the cloaked Digimon watches unseen.

“So the Demon Wolf Returns,” the cloaked Digimon says.

“It’s impressive isn’t it?” the interviewer’s voice replies over voice chat.

“It was little overkill calling the cops like that, don’t you think?”

“I didn’t think they would send their own Mindlinker but never I knew they’d get out of it. Everything came out as expected. Loogarmon is a prototype Digimon.”

“What did you think of the Code Cracker?”

“I’m reserving judgement for now.”

“Looks like the mapping job was completed,” says the cloaked Digimon as it begins to receive the mapping tool’s data.

“Well of course he passed the entrance exam. I want as many Mindlinkers as I can get.”

“Do you think you can guide him? Eiji I mean. Can you take him to a new level?

“I have to.” Silence falls over the pair as they watch over the commotion below. The chants echo off the walls around them. “It’s going to be interesting, don’t you think…Dorumon?”

Dorumon, rookie, beast, data type.

The cloaked Digimon takes off its cloak revealing a small fox-like dragon. Small dragon wings wriggle from the small of its back and a big bushy tail wags behind it. On its forehead, Dorumon has the same jeweled metal interface as Loogamon.