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I am honestly surprised by the string of good luck I’ve been having with content I have been streaming on Netflix lately. After a season of terrible original series that nearly broke my spirit, I’ve found a few good animated series that made my Netflix subscription a bit more justifiable. Most of these discoveries were by accident, but I will not complain when I know how terrible the alternative can be.

I started watching Mech Cadet because it was the first thing to pop up when I opened up Netflix. I didn’t have high hopes for the series because it looked cheap and clunky, but was surprised when it turned out to be a solid series about Giant robots that wasn’t Gundam. The series isn’t perfect. Mech Cadets was made for a younger audience. There is a general cheesiness to the writing, and the animation is clunky. But if you can look past the flaws, the series is entertaining.


Stanford Woo is a janitor at Sky Corps Military Academy. The academy trains future Robo pilots. It has always been Stanford’s dream to become a pilot but didn’t get into the program. Only a selected few can join the academy, and even fewer become pilots. Stanford finds himself expelled from the academy, and his dreams crushed. But fate has other plans. When Stanford is at his lowest, a Robo falls from the sky and bonds with him, making him a pilot. But what should be a happy day is marred by danger. Deep in the vacuum of space, an ancient enemy inches closer to an unsuspecting Earth. Will Stanford and this new generation of pilots have what it takes to save the world?

I liked this series, flaws and all. It was a fun little sci-fi series with enough action, solid storylines, and decent character development. It is cheesy, but the cheesiness gives the series its charm. This series has a unique art style that grew on me the longer I watched. I like how everything looks like a painting. The animation is a bit clunky but does enough to tell its story. The voice acting is fantastic, even when the writing isn’t great. 

What I liked most about the series is that the stakes felt real. I knew who was going to survive and where the story was going, but it didn’t matter because it felt like there was a chance that I was wrong. There was enough suspense, tension, and build-up to make the story exciting. Mech Cadets may not be the best sci-fi story, but it is entertaining. 

If you have kids, throw this on. It is a solid cartoon, and you won’t hate having to sit through it. If you need some decent background noise, you might end up watching more of this than you think. Mech Cadets is a solid option if you have Netflix and are looking for something to watch.