Dragonbane just released. You can pick up your copy of the core book and everything you need from the official Free League Publishing website. I recommend you check them out if you want to experiment with a new system. They have some neat and award-winning content that might be worth a gander. 

I’ve written about my excitement for Dragonbane before, I have been following the development as closely as my time allows. I believe the system introduces some neat mechanics, and the book is beautifully illustrated. 

If you would like to try the system, there is a free Quickstart PDF you can download from DriveThru RPG. The guide comes with a basic rule set, pre-generated characters, and an adventure you can run through to get you started. I am still working on convincing my playgroup to try it out, but the tools are available for those who are ready. I’m hoping it can be our next campaign, even if it’s a short one. 

If you would like to see live gameplay, options are a bit limited until Dragonbane gets a bit more traction. Proficiency Bonus is currently running a Dragonbane campaign on Twitch, and you can find the VODs on their Youtube channel. The first episode has some sound issues, and there is some fumbling on the rules, but I am not expecting anyone to be an expert. I like that the game doesn’t feel scripted and that I got to see the mechanics in action. 

Dragonbane introduces some interesting battle mechanics and races that I would love to mess around with. Definitely check it out if you are looking for a new system, or just need a break from D&D. At the very least you will have a very pretty rule book, and maybe some cool game pieces you can use for your other RPGS. 

Dragonbane Core Set ($45.61)

  • Rulebook with fast and effective D20-based game rules for character creation, skills, combat, magic, and travel
  • Adventures book with eleven complete adventures, to be played separately or tied together in the epic Secret of the Dragon Emperor campaign
  • The booklet Alone in Deepfall Breach letting you play Dragonbane solo
  • Huge full-color map of the Misty Vale
  • Illustrated playing cards for adventures, treasure, and more
  • Ten transparent polyhedral dice, including two custom D20s
  • Five pregenerated characters
  • Five blank character sheets
  • Cardboard standees for characters and monsters
  • Double-sided battle mat

Dragonbane Bundle ($84.62) On sale now for $63.92

  • A copy of the boxed Dragonbane Core Set
  • A deluxe Dragonbane GM Screen
  • An extra Dragonbane Dice Set

Foundry VTT Module – Dragonbane Core ($22.71)

This is the digital only version for those of us who can only play online. This version is 60% off if you buy it with the a physical copy of the rules. I use Foundry VTT for all my D&D campaigns and can’t recommend it enough if you want to play it online. Even if you don’t buy into this system, you should definitely buy into Foundry VTT.

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