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The Drakantos steam page just went up, and I quickly rushed over and added it to my wishlist. I suggest you do the same if you are looking for a new and unique MMO.

I’ve written about Drakantos before in a previous post. You should check out my initial coverage if you want a bit more in-depth context.

I got to speak with some of the dev team behind Drakantos back at GDC, and have been following the game closely since. I never got to try the game in any capacity because the venue had connection issues, but our conversation was enough to spark my interest.

Drakantos is a free-to-play pixel art MMORPG coming to PC soon. No clear release date has been announced yet, so I recommend you join the official Discord to stay up on all the news. I’ll be doing a post as soon as I know more, but their dev diaries are cool to sift through if you’re interested in all the progress they’ve been making.

Drakantos promises a compelling voice-acted storyline, dungeons, housing, raids, world events, competitive PVP, essentially everything you would find in a traditional MMO but packaged in a cute pixel art game. Drakantos won’t follow the traditional class system. Instead, players will choose from progenerated champions like games like Wayfinder or Warframe. There will be 21 playable heroes at launch, with more planned for the future. Players earn new champs through a battle pass, both free and paid and through events. Although I was assured that the game won’t be pay-to-win, microtransactions in free games always make me nervous. The folks I met were very kind and seemed passionate enough to ease some of my reservations, but it is impossible to see at this point. I am rooting for this game and can’t wait to try it out based on everything I’ve seen so far. Make sure you check out their Steam page and join the Discord