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The Quadroids Demo is Steam, and I recommend you check it out if you are looking for a chill yet engaging puzzle game. This cute yet morbid pixel art puzzle platformer will test your ability to multi-task. Guide your Quadroids through a series of dangerous puzzles on your quest to conquer the galaxy. Quadroids are expendable, and you will lose a lot of them.

The demo is short, about 30 minutes long (depending on your ability to multi-task), and it does a fantastic job of easing players into the mechanics while creating a solid expectation for the full game. It is a little sad that the Quadroids are so cute because you will need to sacrifice them on your path to total domination. There will be solutions that will require you to sacrifice Quadriods to clear the puzzle. Don’t worry, you eventually grow numb to their deaths.


The gameplay loop is simple. Quadroids move automatically. The only command issued to Quadroids is jump. Puzzles are divided into four quadrants, and each quadrant has a unique button for the jump command. When the Quadroid is in the top left quadrant, it will only react to the top left trigger. The game has keyboard support, but I recommend using a gamepad because it feels more comfortable. What makes this game difficult is that you will often be controlling multiple Quadroids at once. You’ll want to coordinate multiple Quadroids through the puzzles to get the fastest times in the least amount of commands. If the puzzles prove too easy, you can always try completing the optional challenges.

I really enjoyed this game. The puzzles are fun, the music is great, and the art is cute. I am not the best when it comes to platformers, but the platforming and puzzles are manageable. This is a game you’ll want to pick up when you want to relax, but you either don’t have much free time or don’t want a game that requires a huge commitment. This might not be a game you play till completion, but I’ll need to check out the full version to know for sure. 

Quadroids will launch on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox soon, but no release date has been set yet. Until then, check out the demo on Steam.