There are so many games featured in the Steam Next Fest that it can be a bit overwhelming. If you are looking for a game to try, I recommend you check out the Enshrouded demoEnshrouded is an open-world survival game coming soon to PC. The demo is only available until the 22nd, so I suggest you download it now!

I dabble in survival games from time to time, but I am by no means an expert. I enjoy them as casual experiences, but I am sure there will be guides available for efficient survival. The demo has a multiplayer mode option, but I stuck with solo play because I keep strange hours. My impressions will be on the solo experience. Feel free to try the multiplayer, I hope there isn’t much griefing. 

The demo runs great. I rarely encountered bugs, but there is an easy-to-use report feature available if you encounter any. The game plays like any other survival game with a few unique gimmicks. Farming is relaxing, crafting is simple, and combat is fun. I liked that with minimal crafting I was able to test out different weapons and find one that worked best for me. I loved using making the wand and blasting my enemies with magic. The combat is smooth, and dodging was really fun. 

The tutorial and starting missions do a fantastic job of getting players set up. New players can learn the game’s fundamentals, but veterans have the freedom to do whatever is within the limitations of the demo. The world feels big with lots to do and explore. This can be overwhelming at times, but there are available quests if you need some direction. I spent a lot of time running around without focus because I was having fun trying out the different systems. 

 What is unique about this game are the shrouded areas. These are areas on the map that are afflicted by a mysterious curse. Your character can only exist within these zones, so travel carefully. Other than that, it is exactly what I would expect and want from a survival game.

If you are in the market for a new survival game, Enshrouded might be for you. There is no release date set, but you can try the robust demo in the mean time. 

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