I was sent Illuminaria as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, this will be my honest review of the game. If you enjoy my reviews, please leave a like, comment, follow, and share this with your friends.

Illuminaria is a base building, resource management game for PC, Switch, Android, and IOS devices. Take control of an army of adorable robots as you work to bring light back to the land. Use the robots to gather resources, build bases, and fight monsters.

Illuminaria has a unique and interesting gameplay loop. Building is probably the most relaxing experience I’ve had in the genre because of how easy it is to get organized. All you have to do is build squares, and the robots will fill those squares with resources based on your designations. This loop feels fantastic on the iPhone because all you do is tap and watch your little robots get to work. While you wait for resources, you are also researching new technologies, upgrading structures, defending your bases, and sending your robots on quests for more materials. You’ll be as busy as your little buddies on the screen, and it is such a wholesome good time!

My only real issue with this game is the price. $5 for the app is perfect. You’ll get $5 of fun from the app. If you are looking for a chill game to pick up in a waiting room or something to fill those rare gaming hours that present themselves, Illuminaria is a solid choice. The mechanics are easy to pick up, the gameplay is engaging, the art is cute, and the music is great. This is a fun game, and it’s a perfect mobile gaming experience. The problem is that this game feels short. You can try to beat the game at different difficulties, but it still feels like a $5 app. I can’t see it ever being worth full price on a console or PC. It’s not a bad game, there just isn’t enough for it to be worth it.

You can pick up Illuminaria on Steam, and Switch for $14.99, and on Android and IOS Devices for $4.99. It is on sale right now on Steam for $9.74 until November 7th, but you can also try the demo if you need some more convincing.