I was sent The 7th Guest for the Meta Quest 2 as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, this will be my honest review. If you enjoy my reviews, please leave a like, comment, follow, and share this with your friends. If you need any accessories for your VR headset like a high quality charging cable or prescription lenses, get them over at ZyberVR. Use Discount code CHURAPE for 15% off your purchase.

The 7th Guest is a mystery adventure game for the Quest 2, Steam VR, and PSVR2. Seven guests have been invited to a mysterious mansion to play a dangerous game run by a nefarious toy maker. Guests must spend the night exploring the creepy mansion, solving its puzzles, and unfolding its mysteries. But the games aren’t as innocent as they appear. There is a sinister secret lurking in the shadows. Can you figure out what it is?

If you enjoy puzzle games, The 7th Guest should be in your library. This game looks amazing! The sounds, the graphics, and the aesthetic all work perfectly together to create the appropriate ambiance for the mystery it houses. The cutscenes are beautifully implemented, with wonderful actors to bring the story to life. I would play this game just to watch the performances. I love the story and went out of my way to make sure I collected every piece of the mystery. You might be able to solve it pretty early on, but it won’t matter. 

The best part of this game is its puzzles. Each room in the mansion has a unique theme and set of puzzles. The themes are a lot of fun, and the puzzles get creative. Guests must clear the elaborate set of puzzles, and each solution uncovers uncomfortable secrets. There is a reason why the guests were gathered, and I had a lot of fun piecing together why. 

The gameplay loop feels a lot like the Saw movies, except without any of the gore. You play a special recording and make your way through puzzles. The puzzles are challenging but manageable. If you get stuck, the game lets you buy clues with the currency it hides around the house. I never ran out of coins for clues, but I never really felt the need to use them much. My only complaint is that some puzzles aren’t easy to find, at least not intuitively. There were a few puzzles I needed to buy a hint in order to find it. It isn’t a huge deal because you’ll finish the game with more currency than you need, but it is an issue worth mentioning.

I loved this game because I love puzzles. Each room I cleared left me feeling accomplished, and hungry for more. The game runs great, it looks amazing, and it has a fantastic story. If you like escape rooms, or are looking for a good puzzle game, The 7th Guest should be in your library. 

You can pick up The 7th Guest for the Quest 2, Steam VR, and PSVR2 for $29.99. It’s definitely worth it at that price.