Worldless is coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on November 21st. Worldless is a stylish and unique metroidvania platformer with an interesting turn-based combat system you need to at least try once. I strongly recommend you check out the Steam demo

I got to play Worldless at GDC, and have been excited for its release since. You can check out the original post if you want my initial impressions. The game is very pretty with a fantastic soundtrack, but the gameplay loop is what really sold it for me. Worldless combines Metroidvania platforming with a few RPG turn-based systems to produce a very fun and interesting gameplay loop. This game should at least be on your wish list. 

Worldless releases on all systems on November 21st for $19.99. You can save $2 if you preorder on Xbox or Switch until November 20th. PlayStation users get this discount with a PlayStation Plus membership. 

I’ve already got my copy and will be releasing a full review when the embargo is lifted. Stay tuned for that. If you enjoy these updates or any of my other content, please make sure you like, comment, follow, and share this with your friends.