I was sent You Will Die Here Tonight as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let it sway my opinions. This will be my honest review. If you enjoy my reviews, please make sure you leave a like, follow, and share this with your friends.

You Will Die Here Tonight is a retro-style survival horror game available now for PC. It features challenging puzzles, a solid story, fun combat, and a creepy atmosphere. If you enjoy the genre or are simply looking for something spooky for the holidays, I recommend adding You Will Die Here Tonight to your collection.

Aries Division is sent on a mission to recover a stolen serum from a mysterious house on the hill. But this is no ordinary mission. Death hides behind every corner, zombies roam its halls, and the team has been separated. Can you find a way out of this nightmare?

Players investigate the mansion as each member of the Aries Division. Each character has a unique set of skills, stats, and personality that affects how they interact with the environment. This allows for interesting encounters, creative puzzle solutions, multiple endings, and a decent amount of replayability. 

This game does very little hand-holding. There are no checkpoints, and it won’t light your path to the next objective. Instead, you’ll have to stumble through the dark mansion, searching for clues. I loved the anxiety I got from not knowing where to go or what was going on. This anxiety coupled with the mansion’s creepy ambiance makes for a solid horror experience. You will die a lot, but most of the fun comes from getting a little farther with each life.  

The gameplay loop is split into three parts: exploration, combat, and puzzles. Exploring the mansion can feel a bit slow at times, but the setting is creepy enough that it won’t matter. I appreciate the isometric maps and retro vibe of the art style, but there are points in this game where I got stuck because it was too dark to see anything. 

Combat in this game is unique. Each encounter triggers a fun first-person shooter mini-game. The character you play affects how easily you can kill zombies. Killing zombies isn’t always hard, but finding enough bullets and medicine to stay alive can be difficult. 

The puzzles are the best part of this game. You may need a guide for a few of the puzzles, but they are manageable for the most part. I felt a decent sense of accomplishment after completing each puzzle. I definitely appreciate the creativity that went into making them. 

I loved this game. It is a fantastic title in the genre and a must-have if you are a fan of the original Resident Evil. It has a creepy vibe, a solid story, fun gameplay, and some great puzzles. You can pick up on Steam for $19.99.