I was sent Worldless as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I won’t let it sway my opinions. This will be my honest review. If you enjoy my reviews or any of my other content, leave a like, comment, follow, and share this with your friends. You can also always buy me coffee. 

Worldless platforming gif

Worldless is a minimalistic 2D platformer with unique turn-based RPG combat. You can pick it up on Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox on November 21st, but you can pick it up now on Steam

In a newly formed universe, the forces within it fight to establish order. You’ve awoken in this fight and must brave through this conflict to find your place within it. What secrets will you uncover?

This game is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had with a game this year. I love the minimalistic artwork, the vibrant world design, and the atmospheric soundtrack. It is so cool to watch the world change around your character as you move through your adventure. I can recommend this game on looks alone, but the gameplay is also fun. 

Worldless’ gameplay is split into two parts: platforming and combat. I am an awful platformer, but the platforming is manageable. I found the experience rather soothing, especially when paired with everything that makes the game so beautiful. 

Combat is where most of the challenge lies. The combat system is a unique turn-based system you need to experience at least once. Worldless is a lot more involved than your traditional turn-based RPG. On a player’s turn, you can choose between a combination of magic and physical attacks. On an enemy’s turn, you must time your blocks to mitigate damage. Each enemy feels unique, and the game does a fantastic job of providing visual cues to help players time their blocks and figure out weaknesses. You’ll pick upgrades along the way that will give you access to new abilities and powerups, but I never felt like they made the encounters too easy. While some of them are easy, it was so satisfying to beat an enemy that was giving me trouble. 

worldless combat screenshot

I got to play an early version of Worldless at GDC and have been excited to play it since. I am pleased to write that I was not disappointed by its release. The game can be a relaxing good time, but there is enough of a challenge to keep things engaging. If you are looking for something different and beautiful to add to your collection, go check out Worldless. You can pick it up for $19.99 on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC. There are also demos available for PC and Xbox if you need more convincing.