YouTube Reviews: Big Mommas 3

This movie is free on YouTube, but I would stay away from this movie even if I were paid to watch it. The movie is unoriginal, unfunny, and extremely offensive. If you are fan of the series, I would ignore this one because whatever worked in the first two is absent in this one.

My biggest issue with this movie is how offensive it is. It is sexist and racist and there are parts in this movie that are disturbing because it is essentially about this creepy guy living with a bunch of unsuspecting girls. To make mater’s worse, Trent, the main character of this movie, is the most unlikable character I have seen in any movie. He is obnoxious, dumb, and probably the worst generic rapper I have ever heard. Let me break it down, the whole movie is a bunch of skits where they put these crossdressing men in awkward situations strung together by a crappy hip hop sound track and made to look like a hiest movie. Any conflict or danger is generated by the main character who is a complete bafoon and it is exhausting to watch him stumble through this movie.

I would skip this movie even if you like making fun of movies. I had to take multiple breaks because of how bad it was. The pay off isn’t worth it. Your time is too precious to waste it on this. Next.

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