Arkansas is a movie about drug dealers that focuses on the revolving nature of the industry. It isn’t your typical high octane violent movie of an individual rising in the ranks and taking over the city; instead, the focus of this movie is on the rise and fall of drug bosses. It deals a lot with how volatile respect and power is. The power and respect a person earns in his lifetime can disappear in a blink of an eye.

This movie is a tragedy. It is about these tragic heroes who are stuck in this endless struggle of trying to make a living, but it can never be enough. The struggle is framed like a curse rather than this exciting epic rise to dominance. There is no permanence in life.

You need to watch this movie. Liam Hemsworth and Clark Duke play off each other so well. Clark Duke shows how much of a master he is at telling a compelling and interesting story. The pacing is great, the action is enough, and the story is one of my favorites. I am enamored with this movie and impressed with what they were able to do with their budget. This movie proves that you do not need a crazy budget to tell a good story. If you have Amazon Prime, it is included with your subscription. Go watch this now!