If you are a fan of found footage movies, you will probably like Chronicle. The pacing is decent, and the idea is unique enough to keep things interesting. The biggest problem with this movie is the format. The camera work is shaky, but it won’t make you sick. There are random clips woven in that only pad the film but do little for the overall narrative. That is expected with movies of this genre.

Chronicle is a collection of video clips by a troubled teen and his friends who one day become telekinetic. It is a story about a troubled kid who wants to fit in as he deals with bullying and an abusive home. I believe it tells the story well. It does a good job of showing Andrew’s slow descent from humanity as he is consumed with rage.

This movie isn’t for everyone. The format is hard to overlook. If you do not like found footage movies, this movie won’t change your mind. There are clips in this film where the kids are obnoxious and annoying. Other clips slow down the pacing of this movie, but that is the norm for the genre. If you have nothing else to watch, this is a decent movie. You can do a lot worse for free. It’s not going to go on any lists, but it’s not a complete waste of 2 hours. Check it out on YouTube.