TV Series Reviews: Panic (2021)

Panic is a show on Amazon that promises a deadly fear factor drama about teens in a small town in Texas. It fails to deliver anything entertaining; I urge you to ignore its existence. The show follows a very dull protagonist who joins a game that has been a tradition in this town for a few years now. In this game, participants compete in dangerous challenges for a life-changing amount of money. Life-changing being only 50k. Challenges range from walking across high and narrow platforms to stealing from drug dealers. On paper, this show seems like a fun show full of suspense and danger. In execution, however, you get a generic and safe teen drama.

I never got the sense of any danger in any of the challenges. You know early on that the protagonist will win Panic, thus the sense of danger doesn’t exist. This poorly written show is predictable. From its plot points to its twists, there are no surprises. The worst of this show is the whiny and boring protagonist you are stuck with. Granted, the acting in this show isn’t great, but somehow hers is the worst. She has no emotion or personality. I already forgot everything about her character.

For a show like this to work, you need drama, suspense, and a sense of danger. Instead of any of that, you get shameless fan service at the cost of plot development. Or you get boring teen drama nonsense that I never signed up for. Maybe I am not the target audience, but I gave this show an honest try. It never gets any good. I got halfway through the series, and I was still waiting for any sense of danger or intrigue. I am so mad this show has the gull to sequel bait. I’m sure season two will be even more disappointing.

This show is poorly acted, poorly written, and poorly executed. Not to mention that the plot holes are hard to ignore. Do not watch this; it is a waste of your time. Maybe the book is better.

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