This movie is boring, don’t watch it. The acting is bad, the pacing is terrible, and the plot is generic and predictable.

What kills this movie for me is the pacing. It is slow; nothing ever happens. The only reason this movie is two hours long is that everyone talks so slowly. I don’t mind slow-paced movies when they are fun and interesting; this is neither.

There is no world-building. I can’t tell you where the story is set or what is going on because the storytelling is bad. I will forgive a lack of world-building if the action and the characters were interesting, but this isn’t the case here. Arthur is a generic noble action hero. Merlin is a weird cringy character. I think they wanted to make Merlin the comic relief, but none of his jokes are funny. The rest of the characters are forgettable. Even the villain fails to hold any weight in the narrative he is controlling. It is difficult to care about this movie when nobody on screen is interesting or unique.

The plot fairs even worse. Arthur and Merlin are on a journey to stop the evil wizard from summoning the ultimate evil. They blow through easy encounters and tell terrible jokes along the way. There is no urgency, despite the timer counting down. Nothing happens in this movie.

There is too much wrong with this movie for it to be worth your time. The fights are boring, the magic is inconsistent, and the pacing is horrible. Don’t watch this movie! Even if it is free, your time is better served elsewhere.

If you don’t believe me, you can watch it free on YouTube.