I went to this expecting another bad and generic Superbad rip-off, but I was pleasantly surprised by a quirky and delightful movie. Dirty 30 is funny, dumb, and cheesy, but all in a good way. While it will not win any awards, it is a movie that should not be overlooked. This movie is about a group of friends dealing with being 30. It is a midlife crisis movie where the characters work through their dilemmas, and grow from the experience.

My issue with movies of this genre is that the main focus is always the wacky antics. They steal a tiger, fight a gang, they get into very illegal situations because that is the formula that works. These movies tend to fall victim to a lack of structure because the goal isn’t to tell a story but to have characters react to wacky situations. You have long-drawn-out party montages and crazy over-the-top scenarios that aren’t always funny. The narrative is reactive and redundant. Dirty 30 is a more grounded approach to the genre where the narrative is a lot more active. The antics are realistic, and the story is never out of the control of the main characters. 

This movie is about the characters taking control of their lives and maturing. It explores a lot of experiences that come with age. The main character can’t get friends to hang out with for her birthday because everyone is busy with their life and kids. She realizes she isn’t where she thought she would be in life. She has to deal with dating weirdos while she is looking for love. This movie does a great job of dealing with these themes in a fun and quirky way. More importantly, it shows that what was important to us in high school isn’t what is important to us today. The friends, rivalries, and goals of our lives have shifted with our worldview, and that is okay.

This is probably more analysis of a b movie that probably wasn’t intended to be taken as seriously, but I liked it so much that I felt obligated to do so. This movie is a lot of fun for what it is; a dumb movie about getting old. The actors are fine, the characters are unique and memorable, and it has a solid narrative. It is cheesy, but that’s okay because it works. You can watch it for free on YouTube.