I watched Y: The Last Man when it came out. I was drawn instantly into this show. But, that intrigue would soon be replaced with disappointment. I didn’t finish watching the first season because I lost interest, and I am not surprised that the show got canceled. The comic is better. I stumbled onto the Creamerie shortly after, and I was pleasantly surprised by this fun and quirky dark comedy with a similar storyline.

Cremerie is about a future where all the men in the world have died out due to a mysterious disease. The show focuses on a cult-like commune that emerges out of the disaster. The show does a great job at creating a dystopian vibe where everything seems perfect while at the same time still raising enough suspicion. The show introduces a group of three friends who seem to represent the different levels of indoctrination into the new world order. These characters are quirky, unique, and played by fantastic actors. It is a delight to have them as protagonists. The writers do a great job weaving backstory with the overarching plot, creating a fun ride full of mystery and laughter. 

If you are like me and were deeply disappointed by Y The Last Man, this is the best alternative. It has the perfect balance between comedy and important social comedy. It is also a lot more fun to sit through. For the rest of you who don’t know what I am talking about, you need to watch this show. It is a fun and quirky take on the end of the world with some serious elements. This show deserves a second season, and you will soon understand why. You can watch this show on Hulu.