Movie Review: The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

I love the novel this movie is adapted from. I rank it among one my favorite books and recommend it to anyone looking for a new book to read. Although the movie isn’t completely true to the novel, it is a fantastic adaptation that you must watch. I do hold the novel a bit more favorably, but this fact didn’t ruin my experience. I had a blast with this movie, and I believe you will too.

The Count of Monte Christo is a fantastic movie about revenge. It has some fantastic acting and a great narrative. It is easy to get immersed into the period’s politics and revenge plot because the characters are so well done. If you love period movies, this is easily a great staple of the genre.

Dante is a fantastic hero to root for. He is charismatic, intelligent, capable, and well deserving of his revenge. Although the ending is a bit on the fairytale side, it makes for a satisfying journey. This story has it all: romance, sword fights, betrayal, and revenge. What more can you ask for in a film?

The Count of Monte Cristo is a timeless narrative that continues to prove it will continue to be so. Best of all, you can watch it for free on YouTube!

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  1. I also watched that movie, and I thought it was doing decent until the end. The end actually made me pretty mad, then again I just really love the book. But, I agree that the acting was decent and it had an interesting story, I just wish it was more like the book.

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    1. Exactly! It was all fine but the ending wasn’t as good. Also, in the book Dantes is more calculated with his revenge, in the movie it all happens so quickly its almost magical. But i guess if they were more faithful to the book, the movie would be too long. Maybe if it was a short series?

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  2. Ah yes, this one! This was one of Jim Caviezel’s roles before “The Passion of the Christ” (Mel Gibson) two years later.

    And the late Richard Harris too; this was one of his last films, alongside the initial Harry Potter movies where he played Dumbledore.

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