Movie Review: The Lost City (2022)

I wish Hollywood would stop making these uninspired and lazy movies filled with stars. It is a shameless way to get people to see a film that they would not otherwise consider. While The Lost City isn’t a terrible movie, it is still a shameless cash grab at its core. The Lost City is the kind of movie that loses its charm after viewing it once.

I didn’t hate The Lost City, it is better than whatever Red Notice tried to be, but it isn’t good. Its star-studded cast cannot hide how lazy it is. All the jokes are either body humor, jokes relating to the actor, or dick jokes. It feels like a comedy sketch that goes on too long. While it did make me laugh a few times, I doubt that I will laugh as much the next time around.

I did like that they didn’t push the same traditional roles for the actors. I liked Channing Tatum’s awkwardness and Sandra Bullock’s confidence, but the characters weren’t push far enough. I hated Daniel Radcliffe’s character because he can play a better villain. I get that this is supposed to be a comedy, but a little more effort with the villain might have made me care more about the movie. This plot lacks substance, and as a result, I just sat there waiting for the next dick joke. The best way to describe this movie is disappointing.

I am glad I didn’t watch this in theaters because I would have hated spending money on this. You can stream it now on Paramount Plus.

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  1. The characters were inconsistent – the fool suddenly becomes deep? The shrew becomes docile? As a comedy adventure it failed in comedy (compare with Dwayne in Jumanji) and originality (King Solomon’s Mines). And the predictable political correctness of having a black friend to a white protagonist. The only possible redemption, if you look really really hard, is that at least the crown didn’t have rubies. Thank heavens for that. Possibly one of the worst movies in recent times.

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    1. Yeah they were super inconsistent and the adventure was boring. I ignored the friend since she was essentially a token and I couldn’t get behind that. This is definitely of the worst movie to release to theaters because it has a great cast but is super lazy. It feels like something Netflix spits out to pad their catalog.


  2. It’s about hiring good writers! and good directors even before hiring good actors. Tis a pity. Focused on the dollar instead of making a movie that will remain a winning product. Thanks for the review.

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