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Loot is a wholesome comedy on Apple TV that you should consider watching. Apple is in a great position for streaming because of all the fantastic original content it has available. If you don’t have a subscription, find out if your cell phone or internet provider has a trial available. But, even without the trial, a paid subscription is worth $4.99 a month.

Loot tells the story of Molly, a woman who divorces her cheating husband. Molly wins 89 billion dollars from the settlement, and the series focuses on the aftermath of the divorce. At first, Molly uses partying and drugs to dull the pain, but these prove temporary fixes. Molly can never forget or escape the damage done to her pride and reputation. At her lowest, she decides to become more involved in a charaity created in her name. Will she find meaning and fulfillment in this new role, or will she grow bored and go back to living her life of fantasy and luxury.

Maya Rudolph is a treasure, and this show is a fantastic example. But this show is nothing without its equally fantastic costars. The chemistry between the costars is what drives the narrative and gives the show its charm. I loved watching unlikely friendships form, the fun banter, and watching Molly grow because of the people she has surrounded herself with. If you aren’t laughing at how funny this show is, you will be smiling at how heartwarming.

The story is a fun redemption arch. Molly is an out-of-touch billionaire who makes a lot of mistakes because she doesn’t know how the real world works. A lot of the humor comes from her not being bound by things like rent, work, or even laws. Molly is making an effort to change, and I am excited to see where her adventures go. 

While this show is a comedy, it makes important criticisms about how society treats women. Molly was cheated on, but she is the one that has to deal with her husband’s transgressions. While her husband lives his new life with his new partner, Molly’s whole life has been destroyed. Her friends, the life she had, and even her identity have been taken from her. She is now the divorced billionaire who was cheated on, but she desires to be more than that. There is an unfair amount of stigma and pressure put on Molly, but it is fun to see her find the strength to find who she wants to be and now what society wants her to be. She won’t let society choose what she is supposed to be and that should be enough reason for you to give this show a chance. 

Go watch this on Apple TV.