After the disappointment that was Welcome to Racoon City, I had the lowest expectations for this series. I was not ready to love again, but the show grew on me. I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. It may not be perfect, but I feel it is a step in the right direction.

The series focuses on the fall of New Racoon city as experienced by Jade and her sister. The show will skip from the present zombie-infested world to the past when the Umbrella was still covering up what happened in Old Racoon City.

This series is fine, especially if you want a zombie survival show with some solid stakes. The acting is good for the most part, but there are some inconsistencies. The monsters and special effects are fine, but they are limited by the show’s budget. This is a low-budget series, and it shows, but they do well with what they have. I have seen more expensive shows do worse. It is a bit cheesy, but I was able to forgive it because there are some solid narrative beats.

The story is good enough. The jumping between narratives is impressive. There is some solid editing at play. The story also holds enough suspense and drama to keep most audiences entertained. There are moments where the series slows a bit, but I never thought it was unwatchable. The series doesn’t offer too much world-building if you have at least seen the movies. The series is another narrative about survival told from a different perspective. This isn’t a bad thing, but I am not sure how canonical this series will be.

My favorite part of the series is the villains. They were fun, competent, and had clear goals that helped move the narrative organically. The heroes were equally as competent, but they still get infected with those convenient ex-Machina zombie powers. It isn’t as ridiculous as I have grown used to, but it is hard to ignore. Fortunately, the powers don’t kill much of the tension, and there was enough suspense to keep me engaged. 

I can’t speak on how it relates to the games since I haven’t really played them. There are references to events from the game and the movies, but I never felt like I needed to be up-to-date on the lore to understand what was going on. It might help to give you a better appreciation for the narrative. If you like zombie survival dramas, this is a solid one if you can get past the cheesy overtones. I am at least curious to see where this series goes from here. You can watch it on Netflix.