Series Review: This Fool (2022)

As far as sketch comedy shows go, This Fool is just okay. I thought it was funny enough, but it isn’t something you should be rushing to see. If you are looking for something to throw on in the background to watch passively, this is an option.

This Fool is about an ex-con and the cousin who helps him with his rehabilitation. The series is about Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles. The show deals with the problematic penal system, the hardships of adjusting to life after prison, and trying to find ones place in society. 

The acting is okay, the story is fine, and the comedy is mostly funny. The show has a narrative it follows loosely, but it mostly moves from skit to skit. The problem with these types of shows is that not all of the jokes and skits are funny. There are some episodes that are really lackluster and skits that are a chore to get through. Although I did laugh and enjoyed the concept, This Fool didn’t leave much of an impression.

What I liked most about this show is how it handles important social issues. This country’s penal system is broken, and life for those who go through it is hard. The show makes some valid criticism of the system while also showing the hardships people face when they are released from prison. While they do keep the subject light, there are some very real moments that I appreciated.

Other shows in this genre tend to lose their novelty after a couple season. Inspiration dies and the shows stop being as funny. I thought the first season of this show was fine, but I doubt it can survive another season. I just don’t think there is enough material.

If you like shows like Broad City or Portlandia, it might be worth checking out. Keep in mind that this was written from the Mexican-American perspective and a lot of the humor relates to the culture. While I thought it was hilarious and appreciated the nuances, others might not understand or catch the jokes. I recommend watching this show when you have other stuff to do, it doesn’t deserve your full attention. You can stream it on Hulu.

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