Movie Review: Smile (2022)

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If you have seen movies like The Ring or It Follows, you have seen Smile. Smile does nothing to stand out against the other clones, and I can’t help but feel disappointed by the experience. If you are curious about this movie, I urge you to wait till you can stream it. Smile is not worth the ticket price.

Smile is just another curse movie where the main character is marked by evil and now has seven days to find a way to free herself or die. This generic character is now plagued by terrible visions that follow her relentlessly. Her time is running out, and so is her grip on reality. Will she be able to figure out a way to free herself from the curse, or will she be doomed to be another of its victims?

There is no denying the fact that Smile is a mediocre horror movie with very little substance. While it may not have been the worst horror released this year, it sits in a very forgettable place. While the acting may be fine, the story and its pacing are not. The narrative unravels much too slowly to be entertaining. The film might have some decent jump scares and a few creepy moments, but it takes too long to get to them. This plot becomes very predictable and I found myself just waiting for the next jump scare.This is a movie you throw on in the background when you can afford to ignore all the boring bits. 

Smile is a better-acted and produced version of It Follows but with fewer teens and sex. If you have been curious about this movie, I suggest you wait for it to come out on a more comfortable medium. The theater experience will add nothing to your enjoyment of this film. Smile may not have been bad enough to make me angry, but it isn’t good enough to recommend either. 

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