Movie Review: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

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Knives Out shouldn’t have had a sequel. While Glass Onion isn’t bad, it lacks the charm of the first one. I didn’t hate this movie, but it does feel lazy and uninspired. While the first movie pokes fun at the genre, this one pokes fun at the fact that it isn’t a real mystery. Glass Onion is a murder mystery board game live play with fantastic actors and little direction. It is fun to watch at least once, but it loses what little charm it has soon after.

An eccentric millionaire has invited a group of his influential friends to his island where they will solve his murder. The game is supposed to take the whole weekend. Blanc has mysteriously been asked to join the weekend games and activities. But what starts as a game quickly turns real. There is a killer among them. Can Blanc find out who before it is too late?

The acting in this movie is great but expected from this cast. Honestly, the acting is the only reason this movie works. This movie is essentially characters reacting to a situation with a weak plot to move them through the mystery. The movie does a great job of placing clues throughout, but the mystery can be solved without them. If you are looking for a fun mystery to solve, Glass Onion won’t provide one. It even goes on a long unneeded rant about how it doesn’t.  

The narrative and concept are weak, but the characters that interact within this game are where this movie’s charm lie. Whenever the movie veers away from the main cast to develop a backstory, I found it to be slow and boring. This movie is more about how characters react to a situation than the actual mystery. Unfortunately, anything that doesn’t involve these characters is boring, only serving to pad the movie’s run time. The backstory bits drag and aren’t well-acted. It was made apparent that this movie was made with characters and actors in mind but 

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13 thoughts on “Movie Review: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

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  1. I see your point. They even make fun of the fact that the plot is obvious.

    But the movie was so much fun, the character acting was stupendous, and I found that the character interaction made the movie great. I think I liked it for the same reasons you disliked it, but I can absolutely see where you’re coming from.

    Mainly, to see James Bond with a New Orleans accent and a romper was worth it for me, but as you can tell, I am a simple man.

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    1. Oh nothing simple about it. I loved all the characters and the over the top acting, I just didn’t like everything that didn’t involve them. The romper was hilarious though, I wish the movie had more Bond in a romper but it didn’t.

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      1. I get that. I thought the characters were awesome. I wish it was more like clue where everything was on the island, I didn’t much care for the back story bits but I see their value. I am more afraid that this will be a start of another cinematic universe that is going to just try to cash in on the ip. but who knows, I have been wrong before

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      2. I completely forgot about that. I hope they don’t botch it up. This was okay but I have seen Netflix destroy good ips before. It sounds like the director doesn’t want to make them sequels so it it might not be as bad as I feared initially.


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