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If you haven’t seen The Whale yet, you need to go out and watch it. This is one of the best movies I have seen all year, but it is also one of the saddest. Be prepared to cry a lot.

Charlie is an obese man at the end of his life. He spends his days as a recluse, hiding away in his apartment and eating his feelings. As his health worsens, Charlie attempts to reconnect with his estranged daughter. Will he have enough time to amend his wrongs before his time is up?

Brendan Fraser shows the world his true gift as an actor in one of his most powerful roles to date. The chemistry he shares with the rest of the cast is truly moving. I am at a loss as I try to collect myself through the tears. This movie was that good.

Charlie’s story of addiction is very well done. Charlie uses food to cope with the emotional pain he carries with him. Charlie’s pain, issues, and mistakes weigh heavily on his conscience. As his time runs out, he becomes desperate for some closure. It can be hard to watch at times because Charlie faces issues common to the human condition. While some people can overcome their adversities and live the normal lives people pretend to have, others can’t. Addiction to drugs, food, or sex becomes an easy but temporary escape until it becomes a necessity. It is when a person becomes addicted to this escape that he gets stuck in a spiral toward the bottom. Some people need to hit bottom to regain control of their lives. Others will never get the chance. The Whale does a terrific job at showing the struggle of addiction as well as the collateral damage that comes with it. It can be very triggering, especially if you know someone struggling with addiction. 

Anyways, please don’t let me dissuade you from watching this movie. The Whale is an important film that I believe everyone should watch at least once. The acting is fantastic, and the story is powerful. If you haven’t seen it or thinking of seeing it, watch it however you can. Just be prepared to cry a little. 

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