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The first four episodes of Hello Tomorrow! are available for streaming on Apple TV. So far, I am enjoying the series. I love the 50s retro aesthetic, and Billy Crudup’s performance is fantastic. I did find the story lacking in places, but it is good enough for what it is.

Jack Billings and the small team he leads sell timeshares on the moon. Jack is a successful businessman who can close his sales. But fate has other plans for Jack. A terrible accident puts his ex-wife in a coma and his estranged son back in his life. In a strange change of character, Jack chooses to take the opportunity to right some of the wrongs in his life. Will this sudden change in character destroy the enterprise Jack has worked so hard to build, or will it be the positive change he didn’t know he needed?


If you watch this series, it’s for the aesthetic and the performances. While the story isn’t bad, it is easy and predictable. There are a few weak and forgettable story threads, but the series isn’t bad. It seems that they traded story for style, but it’s not necessarily a bad trade. The retrofuturism in this series is so pretty. They get very creative with the technology without ever losing their 50s aesthetic.

The series will have ten episodes total, with the last episode airing on April 7. 2023. You can wait for April to binge it in one go or watch the new episodes on Friday. They’ve done a good enough job with the pacing that I don’t have a problem returning every Friday. While it is not a show I will be rushing to finish, I am curious enough to see how it ends.

If you have an Apple TV subscription and want something to watch, check out Hello Tomorrow! So far, it’s been a solid series.

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Image By Apple TV+ – IMP Awards, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72803033