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Cocaine Bear is one of those dumb movies that you shouldn’t take seriously. While it fared better than I expected, it isn’t worth the trouble to watch it in theaters. If you are curious about this movie, wait for it to come to streaming so that you can skip all the boring bits. It isn’t a bad movie, but it isn’t worth the price of a movie ticket.

Cocaine Bear is a horror comedy about a bear addicted to cocaine that terrorizes a forest in Tennessee. The story focuses on three unsuspecting groups trying to survive the sudden bear attack. This movie is as dumb as you’d expect.


The acting in this movie is solid. The actors have great chemistry, and the bits of the plot that aren’t serious is a lot of fun to watch. The bear looks a bit cartoonish, but fitting of the movie’s tone. I loved the bear, and every scene that involved the cocaine bear was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, when there is no bear, this movie is boring. One moment you are crying from laughter as you watch cocaine-induced carnage, the next you will sit in silent disappointment as you have to watch boring development for characters you won’t care about. There clearly wasn’t enough for a movie, so there is a bit of filler you can skip past. This movie needed more bear. 

There isn’t much more to say about this movie. It is a dumb movie that knows it is dumb. While some of the decisions pay off, not enough of them do to be worth watching in theaters. That said, you need to watch Cocaine Bear at least once to appreciate how dumb it is, but I recommend you wait for it to come to streaming.

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