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I know I am a bit late in reviewing Scissor Seven, but I loved it so much that I needed to write something. If you haven’t seen this series yet, now is a great time because season four is on the horizon. If you are even remotely a fan of anime, this is a great series to get into.

Seven is a strange kid with no memory of his past who lives on Chicken island. With the help of a pair of scissors that he can control with his qi, Seven tries to make a living as a hired assassin. The problem with this plan is that Seven is too kind and ends up befriending the people he is supposed to kill. But Seven’s mysterious past comes to disrupt the peace he’s achieved during his time there. Can Seven unlock his full potential as an assassin in time to save his friends?


Scissor Seven is originally in Mandarin. While I always recommend consuming media in its original language, the English dub is fantastic. The animation is what sold this series to me. I love the blending of different art styles and animation. Sillyness aside, the narrative of this series is very well done. I was caught off guard by how cohesive and intricate the narrative can be. Sure it hits many of the traditional anime tropes, but it does it in such a way that it doesn’t matter. Watching Seven slowly regain his memories, make friends, and a life for himself is a delight to watch. 

If you are a fan of anime or Asian dramas, you will love how it parodies the genres while maintaining its narrative. This series is full of bad puns, dad jokes, and physical humor, but it gets away with it. Once you get past the obvious parodies, the action is amazing. The epic choreography of the fights will keep you on the edge of your seat, even when it gets ridiculous. Package off this with one of the most amazing soundtracks I’ve ever sat through, and you have a series that should at least be on your watchlist. 

Do yourself a favor and watch one of the most ridiculous and epic anime series on the Netflix catalog. 

Image by candoyi from Pixabay