Triangle of Sadness is one of the most pretentious and shallow movie I have seen to date. I am glad I didn’t see this in theaters because this would have been a waste of money. Nothing happens in this movie.

A cruise ship full of the wealthy and elite shipwrecks on a deserted island. Here on the island, their wealth and status are meaningless. The survivors now must earn their survival, casting aside the excessive luxury they were accustomed to.


The acting is easily the best part of this movie, but the writing is terrible. There is nothing subtle about this movie. Triangle of Sadness wants you to know that capitalism is bad and will take the entirety of its run time artistically and redundantly making this point. This movie could have been shorter. Maybe if this movie spent less trying so hard to be artistic and actually told a meaningful story, I could have recommended it. Instead, my recommendation is that you spend your time on better content.

I don’t have much more to say about this movie because nothing happens. There were a few interesting scenes, but nothing worth sitting through this movie for. You can stream it on Hulu, but I wouldn’t bother. 

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