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From the Steam page

I got to play Planet of Lana at GDC and was blown away by how beautiful this game is. I spent most of my session simply admiring the art. I loved all the little details that went into making this world so vibrant. I loved how the branches would sway in the breeze and how perfectly they got the water effects. You couple this with a solid gameplay loop and a wonderful music score, and you have an experience worth looking into.

I’ve added an album because it was hard to choose just one picture:

You play as a young girl whose sister has been taken by aliens. It is up to you and your cute little cat-like companion to brave the elements and bring her back.

Planet of Lana has a very relaxing loop. You and your cat travel through an impressive landscape and solve puzzles. The game is a 2D side scroller, but they use an impressive layering technique to give the world its depth. You give your companion commands and use them to interact with the world. The game gets creative with its puzzles, and it is cool to see how you affect the world as you solve the puzzles. The puzzles are well-designed. They are not too easy, and I felt that there were enough clues to help you solve them. If you like relaxing puzzle games, this should be on your list.

I loved the demo, but it is too early to tell if this game will be good. At the very least, this game is looking very promising and worth checking out. Planet of Lana will launch on PC and Xbox, but no release date has been set. It will also be launching on Game Pass. The demo is available on Steam, so go download it! Don’t forget to add it to your wishlist while you’re at it!

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And of course the beautiful soundtrack for the hype!

Images were taken from the presskit